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Saturday September 19, 2009

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9/17 Superstars TV results: Chris Masters over Santino Marella; Christian over Paul Burchill; and Dolph Ziggler over Finlay.

9/18 Smackdown TV results from Hamilton, Ontario: John Morrison over Mike Knox; Melina over Michelle McCool; The Hart Dynasty over Cryme Tyme; Great Khali over Kane; and Batista over Chris Jericho.

9/18 Raw house show results from St. John, New Brunswick: Santino Marella over Chavo Guerrero; Jack Swagger over Primo; Chris Masters over Alex Riley; Kofi Kingston over The Miz & Jack Swagger in a three-way; Gail Kim over Alicia Fox; The Legacy over Evan Bourne & Mark Henry; and John Cena over Randy Orton.

A big couple of week’s ahead for WWE with TV tapings and overseas tours.
The Raw crew have a double shot today with an afternoon show in Moncton an evening show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sunday is a travel day followed by TV on Monday in Little Rock, AR with Cedric The Entertainer as the guest host. They then head to South America for shows in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

The Smackdown crew run tonight in Bangor, Maine with CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy on top. They run Sunday in Portland, TV is Tuesday in Tulsa, OK followed by an overseas tour in Europe with shows in France and Spain.

We’re looking for reader reports from any of the above shows to you2us@wrestlingglobe.com.


Judge Douglas L. Rayes in Arizona Superior Court ruled on 9/10 that Warrior, the former Jim Hellwig of Ultimate Warrior fame, can’t seek damages against WWE over his depiction in the Self-Destruction of Ultimate Warrior DVD. Warrior had filed suit in 2006 claiming that the DVD violated a 2000 settlement agreement where both sides had agreed not to make disparaging comments about each other. WWE’s motion to dismiss on that aspect was granted after they argued that Warrior had also made disparaging public comments. Warrior wrote about the ruling on his website. He said: “I wanted to get this news out before it got out other places and the idiotic pundits tried to claim I was hiding from mention of it because I am all consumed with grief, fear and embarrassment. WWE won a round here in my ongoing litigation with them over the Self-Destruction DVD they produced. There were actually two lawsuits going on; one at the Federal level and one at the State level. The State Court has dismissed that case. They were similar in some ways, but much different in others. I’m not going to attempt to explain what a lawyer better understands.”

Chris Jericho wrote on his Twitter page that his new book will go to press late 2010 with a working title of Undisputed Attitude.

Jericho talks Kanye West at http://tinyurl.com/kn98zy.

Miami Today reported that the city has bid on Wrestlemania 2011 or 2012.
The front runners for those events are currently Indianapolis and Toronto. Jose Diaz, head of the Miami-Dade Sports Commission, was quoted as saying getting Wrestlemania would be like getting the Super Bowl. The Miami Herald also ran a story noting that WWE reps spent two days last month canvasing area facilities and hotels. Miami’s proposal includes Wrestlemania at Land Shark Stadium, seating estimated at 75,000; the Hall of Fame ceremony and Monday Night Raw (the night after
WrestleMania) at the American Airlines Arena; and Fax Axxess at the convention center.

Jim Ross cleared up the Ted DiBiase ear controversy: “From what I was told the ear got infected for some unknown reason and when young Ted went to get it checked out the doctor discovered that DiBiase had tubes inserted in his ears as a child and they were never removed!”

Maryse has been taking acting classes in between rehabbing her knee.

Linda McMahon has taken out full page ads for her Senate campaign in newspapers throughout Connecticut. 

Jerry Lawler’s campaign is not happy with a local TV station’s mayoral race poll which showed him with just 2 percent of the surveyed voters.
The poll was conducted over a two-day period and was a sample of 400 likely voters. Lawler wrote on his campaign website: “I’ve been out working hard, campaigning, talking to the hard-working citizens of Memphis. I’ve talked to well over 400 people myself. And what I hear and what I see out there in the community is anything but what this new poll shows. How can a poll be accurate when only sampling 400 “likely”
voters? How can 400 people represent the complete 700,000 citizens of our city? You can’t predict and speak for 700,000 people by taking a sample of less than one-one-thousandth percent! That says to me, that News Channel 3 and the Commercial Appeal have decided to disenfranchise the other 690,000-plus citizens of our city.  They have decided who they want to win and will force this notion and this misconception on its viewers and readers in an attempt to manipulate the voting in just four weeks. It’s just more of the same tired, political games that have plagued our city.”

Lawler was on the Fox Business channel Friday night talking about Linda McMahon’s Senate bid. He did a pretty good job of selling himself too.
Host David Asman seemed to be a fan even though he introduced Lawler as “Larry the King Lawler.” They even played clips of the infamous feud with Andy Kaufman. You can watch the segment at http://tinyurl.com/ma7gz6.


9/17 Impact TV results from Orlando, FL: The Beautiful People over Tara & Christy Hemme in the Knockouts tag title tournament; D’Angelo Dinero over Suicide; Hernandez over Kiyoshi & Sheik Abdul Bashir in a handicap match; Alissa Flash over Cody Deaner in a Lumberjill match; Kevin Nash over Mick Foley to retain the Legends title; Scott Steiner & Brutus Magnus over Robert Roode & Brother Ray; Sarita & Taylor Wilde over Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed in the Knockouts tag title tournament; and Matt Morgan over Somoa Joe.

No surrender is sunday night from Orlando. Line up is Kurt Angle vs.
Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan in a four-way for the TNA title; Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino; Samoa Joe vs. Daniels for the X-title; Beer Money & Team 3D vs. British Invasion, Booker T & Scott Steiner in Lethal Lockdown; ODB vs. Cody Deaner for the Knockouts title; The Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Sarita for the Knockouts tag titles (probably Madison Rayne subbing Angelina Love); Kevin Nash vs. Abyss for the Legends title; and Hernandez vs. Eric Young on the pre show.

The TV tapings are Monday and Tuesday in Orlando following by an overseas tour of Germany including a date in Switzerland and Dublin, Ireland.


TNA at http://tinyurl.com/mvzmvj issued a denial regarding the story about Jim Cornette blowing up at the last TV taping. The stories making the rounds about Eric Young were blown out of proportion too although a lot of TNA people believed them. Apparently within the next 48 hours the real story will out, and when it does a lot of TNA people will be upset, because they don’t know. TNA management are playing very nice with Cornette right now, mainly because they don’t want him to talk publicly about his firing, but the parting of ways was far from amicable.

Cornette will speak for the first time publicly about his TNA release on Monday at WhosSlammingWho.podomatic.com.

Pat Kenney and D-Lo Brown are coming in as agents to replace Cornette and BG James, according to Jason Powell at www.prowrestling.net.

Kurt Angle called into the Bubba radio show on Wednesday. He told the same story that he told outside court regarding Trensha Biggers. He claimed that the judge thought she was an idiot because she contradicted herself a couple of times while being cross examined by Angle’s attorney. He also said that Dixie Carter took his side over the issue, which wasn’t a smart thing to say. Bubba then cut a five minute promo on Vince Russo. Usual stuff – terrible booker, he screwed Hogan, and can;t understand why Dixie is such a fan of him and Jeff Jarrett.

We received a note saying that TNA Xplosion now airs in Ireland on Friday night.


Lester Welch passed away yesterday afternoon in Pensacola, FL. He had
been in poor health for some time. Welch was one half of the famous
Welch brothers tag team and had notable feuds in the 60s and 70s with
Sputnik and Rocket Monroe, Boris Malenko, The Medics and many other
popular workers from the south.


The official website for the Hulkamania Tour in Australia is
www.hulkamania.com.au. Tickets go on sale September 24.

Hogan runs wild at http://tinyurl.com/lslv64.

Ring of Honor run tonight in Chicago with Austin Aries vs. Bryan
Danielson; The American Wolves vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe; The Necro Butcher
vs. Jimmy Rave in a Dog Collar match; The Dark City Fight Club vs. The
Young Bucks; Colt Cabana vs. Claudio Castagnoli; and Petey Williams vs.
Rhett Titus. Bret Hart and Nigel McGuiness are doing an autograph
signings before the show. More info at www.rohwrestling.com.

Former WWE wrestler Chris Nowinski was on Toronto radio Tuesday
discussed the Sports Legacy Institutes examination of Chris Benoit’s
brain. He noted talking to several WWE employees following the Benoit
murder-suicide who said that Benoit had been acting bizarrely; crying in
inappropriate situations, and refusing to call matches in the ring
because he had trouble remembering what to do. He said when WWE found
out they examined Benoit’s brain everyone in the company stopped talking
to him.

The Sun at http://tinyurl.com/m4r7zy has an interview with Rick Martel.
He talks about investing wisely over the years so he doesn’t need to
work. He says he can no longer wrestle due to injuries. He noted WWE has
asked him to come back as an agent twice, but he declined both times.

Trish Stratus and Frima Studio have developed a new yoga video game for
the Wii called Stratusphere. The game will use the Wii balance board and
has Trish as your instructor guiding you through various positions.
Sounds fun. Frima are currently shopping the game around to publishers
and hope it will be available in 2010.

The Tooth Fairy with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hits theaters w/c
November 13. The movie features Johnson as a minor-league hockey player
who’s sentenced to one week as a real tooth fairy, complete with tutu
and wand rewarding youngsters for putting teeth under their pillows.
Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews co-star.

Former WWE developmental prospect Bobbi Billard has joined Wrestlicious.
She had a controversial exit from WWE a few years back when she accused
them of offering her hush money in exchange for agreeing to say she was
released on good terms. She claimed that two WWE trainers (who no longer
work for WWE) in OVW told her that the only way she was going to make it
was if she slept her way to the top.

Jim Neidhart and The Blue Meanie have roles in the movie Booted, a
comedy shooting next month in Philadelphia.

Ric Flair is appearing at the Big Apple Comic Con, October 16-18 at Pier
94 in New York City.

Lance Storm has a new Q&A up at www.stormwrestling.com.

Stacy Keibler is shooting an upcoming episode of Psych. The Heyman
Hustle has new pics of Keibler at http://tinyurl.com/m4ep3b.


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