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My Weekly (7/19) TNA Notebook

The Kingfish Arnie Katz provides insight and analysis based on the 7/16 episode of iMPACT</20.

The 7/16 edition of iMPACT built nicely from the action-packed excitement of Victory Road with two hours of sports entertainment excitement. The booking is still ragged, but iMPACT scored big if “fun” is the measuring stick.

And isn’t it an intriguing paradox that TNA has presented its two most compelling shows so far this year with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff absent from the cameras.

Not having them there 8nvigorated the shows, improved pace and put the emphasis on the people who matter, the wrestlers. Things went so well, in fact, that Dixie Carter ought to encourage Hogan and Bischoff to develop lots more outside interests and to take as many vacations as possible, If they were gone often and long enough, TNA might actually come within hailing distance of that “next” level that obsesses TNA.

Let’s look at some of the things that happened on the7/16 episode…

The Woman in Leather
As anticipated the mysterious motorcyclist in black leather turns out to be neither Velvet Sky nor Lay Von Erich. She interfered again on 6/19, heightening the controversy that already engulfs the Knockout World Championship.

Although the Lady in Black still hides her identity, she will most likely turn out to be Tara. The promotion reportedly rehired her, reversing their ill-considered dismissal of one of today’s most skilled and charismatic female ring performers.

The concept is probably that Tara is trying to urn back the clock to when Angelina Love “won” the title by opening a briefcase. Then Tara could challenge Love and vindicate herself by regaining the belt from the woman she feels got it unfairly.

The Tag Team Series
When TNA used the Hebners to pull off the simultaneous pins in the Machine Guns-Beer Money match at Victory Road, most veteran fans probably guessed that something along the lines of the three-out-of-five series was in the works.

It’s good traditional booking. The series, which I predict Beer Money will win 3-2, puts the spotlight on TNA’s best young teams and will probably gives them both a big boost.

The best thing about the angle, of course, is that it supports what should be an excellent series of matches, I’d expect Beer Money to emerge with the titles, but it wouldn’t be a total shock if the Guns ultimately emerged with the prize.

Goin’ Down with Janice
Abyss after introducing the nail-studded board as his wife on a previous iMPACT announced that its name is “Janice” on the 7/16 episode.

I’ll give TNA credit: If they want to make Abyss seem weird and alienated, they have definitely succeeded. He is in such need that he pretends the board is his girl, but he forced Chelsea, an actual woman who said she wanted to stay, to return to Desmond Wolfe.

Sometimes bad things happen to good gimmicks. Sometimes very bad things happen to uninspired gimmicks like this. Abyss broke Janice while attempting to use it to batter a slab of raw meet. He didn’t even acknowledge the new weapon when he used it to bash a watermelon.

The Cluster Schmazz
The show ended with, apparently, every TNA except Dixie Carter fighting in the ring. This included the foursome of Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards and Raven that had stayed in the stands on previous shows.

It was hard to make much sense out of the anarchic melee but one thing that was very noticeable was that the Dreamer contingent attacked Abyss.

Now, that was a genuine shocker to me and anyone else who thought “They” would turn out to be that foursome, possibly with the addition of Paul Heyman.

If “They” exist outside Abyss’ imagination and there isn’t another “They” besides the four guys who once worked for ECW, they could claim it was a devious stratagem. I don’t think that’s what TNA plans, but I don’t rule it out entirely.

“hey” could even decide that “
hey” is Mick Foley.

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back on Thursday with another installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I hope you’ll come back then and, please, tell your friends about the column, too.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor

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