C.M. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan Is Going To Happen

C.M. Punk vs. Bryan Danielson Is Going To Happen…In The WWE!

By Michael Barton



Short column this week – I have been busy with some other commitments, sorry. Anyone with experience of the professional wrestling business can attest to this simple statement – never say never! Another case of this statement being proven as true is the apparent feud that is beginning to build between C.M. Punk and Bryan Danielson, known better as Daniel Bryan. It began this past Monday on Raw, with Punk doing commentary for a match between Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. After the match, there was a brief stare down between the two. I am hoping beyond all hope that this is, indeed, the start of a feud between the two men, although nothing is set in stone as of yet. But, if they follow through, the fans are in for quite the treat.

My biggest complaint with the PG era is that – while I understand the reasons behind it – it has mainly been one mistake after another. If you are going to run your company as such, you need to let your technical wrestlers go out there and perform. Bragging Rights was a horrible PPV, outside of the opening match between Ziggler and Bryan. For a change, a match was given time, the wrestlers were allowed to go out and actually wrestle for over 15 minutes, and it was the best match on the card. As a company that does not want blood or anything hardcore – for that matter – the best thing they can do is allow the wrestlers to actually go out there and put on a great performance or two. I cannot remember the last feud that involved two wrestlers going out there and putting on a match that is based on technically sound wrestling in getting the feud over. (Probably Michaels vs. Hart in the 1990’s). If this feud does indeed take place, and it is booked correctly, we could be seeing a renaissance of technical wrestling. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, but WWE may have actually began to put something together that all fans can truly appreciate.

Until next week, folks….

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