Al Snow appearing in upcoming B slasher film

Hey Brad. Roni Jonah told me I should tell you about this. I am a film maker in Louisville and recently made a movie with Roni involving wrestling talent… I was hoping to let more people know about the film and I was told by Roni that your site would be one of the best places to do so.
The film is called “The Legacy” It stars some indie horror film talent along with wrestlers AL SNOW, SOJO BOLT (TNA), ROCKSTAR RONI JONAH and CYNDI “BOBCAT” SNOW. I was told wrestling fans would like to know what Al and these particular ladies have been up to. So here is the write up of the film, our website, the poster and the site were you can order the film.

BTW Roni co-wrote THE LEGACY as well as did all the SPFX and wardrobe on all of our films. Roni and I also wrote a movie due out by Halloween called “HELL HOUSE”. It also stars Roni, Al Snow and Cyndi along with April Hunter, Lady Victoria and Outlaw Ben Woods… We are currently working on Roni’s directorial debut with her film “Lesferatu: Lesbian Chainsaw Vampires”. With a name like that you can’t go wrong :)
Jason Crowe (order the Legacy here. You can also view the dvd case front, back and inside)
“They thought the legend was just for laughs… They’re DEAD WRONG!”
The Legacy is a campy tongue-in-cheek slasher film created as tribute to our favorite B slasher movies of the past… Brought to you by the award winning film company “Feathered Italian Films” The Legacy is one hell of a ride.

The film follows a group of young people on their camping vacation… Without warning their numbers start to fall as they are viciously hunted down by an unknown psycho… Are the legends true? Do the “Reaper’s” exist or is the murderer much closer than they think?

The Legacy features stars such as hardcore wrestling legend Al Snow, female wrestling superstar Josie “SOJO” Bolt, WEW star and indie film sensation “Rockstar” Roni Jonah, female hardcore wrestling legend Cyndi “Bobcat” Snow,  horror icon Jim O’Rear (The Deepining), “Return of The Swamp Thing” star Daniel Emery Taylor and five time MMA champion and hall of famer Dale Miller. Not to mention Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising), TJ Moreschi (Red River) and Nathan Day (Stash). Plus many many more!

You’ll have a KILLER time!
for info on the film visit or order your copy today at