My Royal Rumble Predictions

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Royal Rumble Predictions:
Our resident philosopher breaks out his crystal ball, tea leaves and lucky coin to try and figure out the winners, losers and future implications of Sunday’s PPV.

The Royal Rumble is Sunday. It’s the kickstart to everything between Sunday and Wrestlemania. I’ve already plopped down my $45+ for the show. I want to try and sort through this, through in a few suggestions for the Rumble match. I also want to figure how things are going to go between now and Wrestlemania.

Undertaker v Rey Mysterio
World Title Match

Backstory: Little Rey Rey scooted out of the cage and kicked its door into Batista’s skull to earn the title shot. Undertaker is looking at a challenge from Shawn Michaels, maybe, at Wrestlemania. This match is just a straight-up battle.

Predictions: Batista is going to get in the middle of this bad boy, make book on it. Expect the next big PPV, an Elimination Chamber extravaganza, to include Rey, Taker, Batista, John Morrison, Chris Jericho and one cannon fodder guy (probably Finlay). Taker will keep his title, on Sunday, in a no-contest when Batista gets involved.

Predicted Winner: No Contest, Taker retains
Predicted Grade: B

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New Releases from Crowbar Press (Books)

Drawing Heat by Jim Freedman
This is a reprint of one of the first books that really gave the public a glimpse behind the scenes of the world of professional wrestling.  In addition to the original text, this reprinting features two additions: an interview with the author AND the story about the final days and tragic death of the Wildman and several others wrestlers in July 1988.  Willie “Wolfman” Farkus, Phil Watson, Sweet Daddy Siki, and Hartford Love are a few of the wrestlers who share their memories of the events leading up to the tragedy.

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My ECW Notebook

The Katz Files – Arnie Katz
My ECW Notebook
The Kingfish Arnie Katz casts a jaundiced eye at ECW with Royal Rumble just days away.

Regular readers of “The Katz Files” are familiar with my Notebooks. Each usually consists of two or three short articles that analyze aspects of whatever show or promotion is the focus of that particular Notebook.

This one is different. After watching the 1/26 episode of ECW n SyFy, I feel like writing that kind of column about this show would be like killing flies with a mallet.

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Paul Roma says Dixie doesn’t know any better

A whole lot of ears must be ringing today because no one is safe as the one and only  Paul Roma returns for an audio event unlike any other.  So Notorious, it’s …” GLORIOUS!”

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The ECW Extreme Exam

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The ECW (1/26) Extreme Examination
Our resident philosopher looks at the pre-Royal Rumble episode of ECW

ECW got things ready, on its side, for Sunday’s Royal Rumble. The ECW Champ, Christian, brought in some “Big Red Help” to battle Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal.

Regal introduced the person he felt would be the next ECW champ, Jackson. Jackson, who looks more and more like Ahned Johnson every day, stomped to the ring. ECW looked back at Jackson destruction of Christian, last week. Jackson taunted Christian about only having five days left as champion.Jackson was confident about winning the title. Jackson began to quote biblical scripture.

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