The ECW Extreme Examination

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
The (Last) ECW Extreme Examination

Our resident philosopher looks at the very last episode of ECW.

The curtain rang down on the World of Extreme. With a somewhat heavy heart, I present the final ECW Extreme Examination.

This Week’s Episode: Goodbye, Again

The show opened with a few clips of the Original ECW, including Sandman.

Roll the opening montage…one last time!

Josh and Byron seemed a little too happy about the ending of ECW. Byron and talked talked about meeting the cast of NXT. From what I’ve read and heard from friends, the new show is going to be a cross between FCW and Tough Enough. More on that later.

Savannah introduced the first match. Big and Awesome aka Show-Miz came out to defend their Unified tag team straps. Both of these gentlemen were ECW v.2 Alumni.ECW showed how Big and Awesome took the tag straps. Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust then arrived to try and wrest the gold from the clutches of the heel team.

Big and Awesome d Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu
Unified Tag Team Championship Match

Miz spun Goldust into the corner but Goldy shoved him onto his backside. Goldust came off the ropes with an Uppercut. Goldy used a variation of Miz/Morrison’s old Trapped Drop. Miz tried to throw Yoshi out of the ring but Yoshi came back in and went to ttown on Miz. Goldy with the Rump Bump. Miz went to teh floor. Miz blind tagged to Big Show. Big Show hit a Neadbutt tot he back of Goldust’s head. Show grinned at his fallen foe. ECW went to break.

Miz had Goldust trapped until Goldust hit an Inverted Jawbreaker. Goldust wanted an Enziguribut missed. Yoshi and Show made the tag. The Cardiac Kid, Yoshi, tore into Show like a slab of beef with vicious kicks. Show with Open Hand Slaps. Show stepped on Yoshi’s stomach and stepped over him. Show stood on Yoshi’s head as Miz taggged in. Miz with a Rear Chin Lock. Yoshi tried to fight out but Show threw Miz into Yoshi. Show with a Side Headlock Takeover. Show witha Headbutt.

Miz tagged back in and SHow Power Whipped Miz into the Full Body Clothesline. Yoshi punched and kicked his way back. Yoshi paid tribute to ECW Original, Masato Tanaka, with a Roaring Elbow. Goldust got the tag and hit Clotheslines. He nailed the Goldustin Uppercut, Inverted Atomic Drop, Flying Bulldog and Snap Powerslam. Show tried to get involved. Yoshi came after him. Show pitched Yoshi, backwards, off the ropes. Show walked over and punched Goldust. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale to retain.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: I really didn’t expect Yoshi and Goldy to win, but it would’ve been nice. Yoshi has an amazingly bright future ahead of him, if WWE doesn’t drop the ball. He could be this generation’s Great Muta. Goldy’s winding down his career. I’m sure he’ll stick around a few more years, barring injury, but his top days are

Josh and Byron talked about NXT again. The previewed th first group. Chris Jericho will be the mentor to Wade Barrett. Barrett is a bare knuckles fighter from England. Matt Hardy is aligned with Justin Gabriel.

Tiffany did a promo for the new NXT show. She was interrupted by Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes. Ryder whined about not being in the title match. Rosa started rambling in Spanish. Tiffany stood her ground. Ryder reminded her that the title match was Extreme Rules and Tiffany couldn’t stop him from making his presence known.

It was time to announce the new team-ups for NXT. MVP has the fun of working with Skip Sheffield. Sheffield is, basically, looks like a cross between JBL and Justin Credible

Back to the ring. Tony Atlas brought out Abraham Washington. Are you kidding me? Washington said he was trying to be nice. I so want to see Armando Alejandro Estrada walk out and smack the daylights out of him. Washington rambled on about how great he was as a Free Agent. Washington introduced his biggest star, ever…himself! You know, we could have had a nice video tribute piece to ECW, instead of this.

Shelton Benjamin rushed down to the ring. Thank the Heavens for small favors. Shelton warned Abraham to check his tone. Shelton said his show was only barely watchable iwht a decent guest. No one wanted to see Abraham as the guest. Vance Archer stormed the ring. Washington stood between the two. Vance told Washington to chill out. Vance said that hte two better not end up on the same show. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft came out to say how broing this all was. Yeppers. Vladimir Kozlov then walked with a purpose to the ring. Kozlov rambled in Russian. Everyone tried to attack Kozlov but he trashed just about everyone in sight, except Shelton. Washington whined about the destruction of the set. Kozlov and Shelton shook hands.

It was time for more pairings. Carlito will work with Michael Tarver. Tarver’s dad was a sparring partner to Mike Tyson.

Josh and Byron talked about the next group of Pros and Rookies. The Miz gets to share his wisdom (or gain a lot of experience) from one of the biggest names in Ring of Honor Daniel Bryan, more commonly known as Bryan Danielson. Hopefully, Daniel(son) will get a better push than Nigel McGuiness/Desmond Wolfe has in TNA.

Josh and Byron sent it to a video package about the Elimination Chamber. They then ran down more of the duos for NXT. Christian will work with Heath Slater. Slater looks like a redheaded Jeff Spicoli

Speking of Christian, the ECW Champ walked out wearing the Platinum and Leather ECW title. Christian had a shopping cart full of “toys” for the Extreme Rules match. Christian took the stick and talked to his Peeps. Christian mentioned that he joined ECW, a year ago. Christian said some people felt Christian was demoted by being assigned to ECW. Christian said ECW gave him a fresh start. Christian talked about Tommy Dreamer and Yoshi Tatsu. Christian said he was extremely proud of his time as the ECW champion. Christian said he was there to fight for the Originals and the new kids. The crowd broke loose with an “Old-School E C Dub” chant. Christian wanted to go out as the very last ECW champion. ECW ent to break before the match.

C.M. Punk was announced as the mentor of Darren Young.

Christian waited for his challenger. Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal walked from teh back. Savannah did the official introductions.

Ezekiel Jackson d Christian
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW title

Jackson tossed Christian to the ropes. They locked up and Jackson hit a KNeelift and Fore-arm SHot. Christian with a straight punch. Christian side-stepped Jackson and the big man went to the floor. Jackson pulled Christian to the outside and pounded the champ. Jackson threw stuff in the ring. Christian found himself a kendo stick. Zack Ryder tried to attack Christian. Christian Flapjacked him into a steel trash can. Rosa rushed into the ring and slapped Christian. Tiffany darted to the ring and took out the skinny-legged Latina. Tiffany ordered both Zack and Rosa away from ringside. ECW went to break.

Jackson pounded on Christian’s back. a he then whipped Christian to the corner. Christian with a Back Elbow.. Christian climbed to the top rope but got shoved to the outside. Jackson slammed Christian into the steel steps. Jackosn wanted to use a trash can on Christian but Christian Dropkicked it into Jackson’s face. Jackson with a Kneelift and a throw into the steps. Jackson threw all kinds of stuff into the ring. Jackson wanted to use the shopping carts to run into Christian. Instead, Jackson ended up throwing Christian into the cart. Jackson tried for a pin, once they got back in the ring. Jackson grabbed a can lid but Christian used the Pendulum Kick to send it into his face. Christian picked up a can but Jackson Stone Walled him. Jackson went out to get a table. Christian used a Baseball Slide to send th table into Jackson and Regal.

Back in the ring. Jackson threw Christian tot he mat and almost pinned him on a table that was in the ring. Jackson placed Christian on the ropes and went to set up the table. Jackson climbedthe ropes for a Superplex. He didn’t get it because Christian fought back. Christian wanted the Tornado DDT to put Jackson through the table. Jackson simply pitched Christian over the table. Christian grabbed a Singapore Cane and blith-whapped Jackson with it. Christian then chased Regal out of the arena. Christian was limping, badly. Jackson was waiting with his own Singapore Cane. Christian smacked the leg of Jackson. Regal ran back down, slid into the ring and attacked Christian. he missed the Knee Trembler but Christian was able to hit the KillSwitch. Jackson grabbed Christian and used his Mon-Star Uranage to send Christian through the table. Ezekiel Jackson pinned Christian to become, officially, the final ECW champion. That was so darn wrong!

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: It was a decent match but, Darn It, I wanted Christian to retire the strap. I would imagine that Vince and the boys will eventually convert the ECW title into something to be used (or abused) by this whole NXT mess. My other complaint is why the Hell wasn’t Joey Styles calling this match? Vince spits on ECW, once more.

ECW closed out the show by announcing that R-Truth would be working with David Otunga. Otunga is Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend.

Final Grade: C-

Final Thoughts: Why would I drop the grade so low? Simple. The WWE totally spit on the history of ECW with this show. Christian did mention Tommy Dreamer in his speech, which was nice. WWE gave a 15-second clip at the first of the show that showed Sandman and, I think, New Jack. It was so quick, I wasn’t sure. Instead of a nice heartfelt look at the past glories of ECW, we got Abraham Washington and the others doing something that helps drop the ratings to a point where the show (and brand) were eliminated. People like Terry Funk, Sabu, Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow, Shane Douglas, and dozens more got left out in the cold. Jeez, thanks Vince, we love you too. (Sarcasm dripping)

I thank you for joining me each and every week for these recaps. I started on “the other side” with my friend, Arnie Katz. I want to thank Arnie for giving me a chance, all those years ago. We’ve been through many changes, my friend. I hope for many positive ones in the future.

I will be back with you all, starting next week, to present…What Happened NXT

–Jay Shannon