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Monday, November 15, 2010 

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11/12 Smackdown TV results from Manchester, England: Alberto Del Rio over Kofi Kingston; Natalya over Layla in a non-title match; David Otunga over Edge; Dolph Ziggler over MVP to retain the IC title; and Big Show over Kane in a non-title match.

Raw tonight is live from Hershey, PA which is the 3-hour go-home show for Survivor Series. It’s “Old School” night which means appearances from past stars including The Million Dollar Man, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt Slaughter, Mae Young, Gene Okerlund, Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, Iron Sheik, Jim Duggan, plus one or two other surprises. Most of of those invited back were asked to bring their ring gear. I don’t think anyone on the current roster will mind losing some television time tonight as pretty much everyone is exhausted from the European tour.

The Smackdown/NXT taping is Tuesday from Richmond, VA.


There were several cuts in developmental over the weekend. Names that have disappeared from the FCW website include Devin Allen, Byron Saxton (Bryan Kelly) Rhys Ali (Reon Mahima), Ron Myers (Ron Price), Lucky Cannon (Jon Emminger), Eli Cottonwood (Kipp Christianson), and Rudy Parker. We’re told all the removed names were released. We’ll have more detail on these in the next issue.

Chris ‘Tatanka’ Chavis is another former star booked for tonight’s “Old School” Raw. Chavis, who visited at the ROH show in Canada over the weekend, told Live Audio Wrestling that he will be working a tag match.

There was talk of Howard Finkel announcing during some point tonight, but that isn’t confirmed. Another unconfirmed rumor was Bobby Heenan coming in, but I think that was more speculation from some WWE people based on the company about to release a retrospective DVD on his career.
Heenan hasn’t been too well of late and long trips have been out of the question.

Jerry Lawler has told friends he will be good to go for Raw.

Evan Bourne recently started back in the gym and has said that his rehab is going smoothly. Bourne underwent shoulder surgery last month and is expected to be sidelined until February.

Eddie Guerrero was trending worldwide on Twitter most of Saturday with fans and former colleagues noting the fifth anniversary of his death.

The list of talent on WWE’s Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD was leaked on to the internet. The list is already sparking fierce debate across message boards. The complete list, which was signed off on by Vince McMahon, is as follows: 1. Shawn Michaels, 2. The Undertaker, 3. Steve Austin, 4. Bret Hart, 5. The Rock, 6. Harley Race, 7. Ricky Steamboat, 8. Andre the Giant, 9. Rey Mysterio, 10. Roddy Piper, 11. Eddie Guerrero, 12. Triple H, 13. Gorgeous George, 14. Randy Savage, 15. Curt Hennig, 16. John Cena, 17. Ric Flair, 18. Dusty Rhodes, 19. Edge, 20.
Jerry Lawler, 21. Lou Thesz, 22. Terry Funk, 23. Hulk Hogan, 24. Bruno Sammartino, 25. Chris Jericho, 26. Ted DiBiase, 27. Fabulous Moolah, 28.
Classy Freddie Blassie, 29. Randy Orton, 30. Pat Patterson, 31. The Iron Sheik, 32. Jimmy Snuka, 33. Mick Foley, 34. Kurt Angle, 35. Buddy Rogers, 36. Gorilla Monsoon, 37. Junkyard Dog, 38. “Superstar” Billy Graham, 39. Jake “The Snake” Roberts, 40. Big Show, 41. Jack Brisco, 42.
Sgt. Slaughter, 43. Kane, 44. Nick Bockwinkel, 45. Jeff Hardy, 46. Dory Funk Jr., 47. Bob Backlund, 48. Rick Rude, 49. Batista, and 50. Killer Kowalski. On reflection it’s a good list if you look at the rankings in no particular order, otherwise it just seems silly. George, Thesz, and Bockwinkel are strange inclusions in that none of those guys really worked for Vince McMahon Jr. or Sr., unless of course this is supposed to be a list of all-time greats not restricted to just WWE. Also strange is that Hogan (23) and Sammartino (24) didn’t even make the Top 10 which is a complete travesty as they built the company and drove business forward during the 1970s and 1980s. The most obvious omissions from the list are Pedro Morales and Antonino Rocca, and to no surprise Chris Benoit. The DVD goes on sale on 12/14.

Another new WWE DVD currently in development is The History of Wrestlemania. This will be a two or three disc set expected to be released in the run up to Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta.

The Martha Hart lawsuit against WWE continues in late January where both sides will argue motions. Back in June, Martha, the widow of Owen Hart, filed legal papers against the company and Vince and Linda McMahon, for wrongfully using Owen’s name and likeness in numerous DVDs under the WWE banner, as well as for deceptive business practices, and not paying royalty payments to Owen’s estate and his children.

TNA drew a sell-out crowd of around 1,200 for it’s farewell show Friday night at the Nashville Fairgrounds. People were turned away at the door.
The building could have been set up to a higher capacity, but they chose to have only a small bleacher section on the floor. Raven over Styles who carried a good opener; Rayne over Sky; Abyss over Young; Machine Guns over Beer Money; Jarrett over Joe; and Hardy over Pope, a replacement for Anderson who is still not medically cleared. Jimmy Hart and Dixie Carter were among those who gave short speeches at intermission. Hart talked about his history at the Fairgrounds dating back to Jerry Lawler breaking him into the business in 1979. He said the closure was the end of an era. Carter thanked the fans for coming out to support TNA. After the show there was a $20 photo opportunity with Hardy and his new belt–except this time there was no swerve. Thanks to Larry Goodman of

Saturday night in Dalton, GA drew 500-600 with Young over Styles; Rayne over Sky; Abyss over Terry; Machine Guns over Beer Money & Ink Inc. in a three-way; Jarrett over Joe; and Hardy over Pope. Our reader at the show wrote, “Great evening and wonderful atmosphere. In 30 years of attending wrestling shows, this was the most fun and fan friendly I have ever been to. All of the guys seemed really appreciative of the support they received and they hyped that TNA will return to Dalton again.”

Sunday in Gainesville was the same show as Dalton drawing around 1,000 people.

There is another round of TV tapings today and tomorrow in Orlando


Eric Young came to terms on a new contract. His new deal is “no play, no pay” as opposed to a weekly guarantee, so independent bookings will be key in attempting to make what he used to make under his old deal that was recently canceled by the company. Many underneath guys and gals are finding themselves in the same position right now due to the company trying to save money and cut costs. The way the new deals are structured are pretty one-sided too. If a talent is booked out by the company then they can still take a percentage, but a talent takes a direct booking then he/she keeps all the money, however, the company first has to approve the booking.

Hulk Hogan gets Punk’d on Dutch TV at

Rob Van Dam made an appearance recently at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in the San Fernando Valley. He said he’s not looking to take bookings but may pop up on stage from time to time in the Los Angeles area.

UK wrestler Kid Krazy suffered a broken neck over the weekend during a 2 Flag Promotions show in Walton, Essex. He landed badly on his neck after a head scissors move went wrong. The show was immediately stopped and an ambulance was called. Krazy was taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured neck. The good news is that there was no injury to his spinal cord and doctors didn’t expect there would be any lasting damage.

The AWR group drew solid crowds over the weekend in France with shows in Marseille (2,000), Grenoble (2,500) and Dijon (1,600). Dijon last night had The Sandman over Justin Shape; Chris The Bambi Killer over Sylvain Grenier; Shawn Mawer vs. Kai was a draw; Rene Dupree over Daivari in a cage match; Omen, Lord Paul Tracey & April Hunter over Dunky D, Johnny Moss & Shanna; and Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas over Booker T & Scott Steiner… Dupree in Marseille was busted hardway in a singles match with Booker T. And here is a video of Steiner calling the women of Grenoble bitches and whores:

Sean Waltman is the latest wrestler to encounter problems with Mike Sparta who promotes a group called World Wrestling Stars in the Boston area. Before his show this past weekend in Taunton, Sparta told Waltman that he was $900 short on his pay and it would be best if he didn’t perform because there was no money to pay him. Waltman refused, instead making sure the rest of the locker room got at least partial payment, and worked his match as scheduled. He later buried Sparta on his Facebook page.

Pamela Anderson is reportedly joining the Big Boss (Big Brother) house in India. Great Khali is currently part of the reality show. Anderson is expected to enter the house on Tuesday.

Stacy Keibler stars in two low budget direct-to-TV/DVD movies in 2011.
“Fixing Pete” in January and “Dysfunctional Friends” in May.

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