OWW Daily News & Notes for 7/12

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[Birthdays & Anniversaries] Newton Tattrie (77), Rene Goulet (76), Gregory Helms (34), and Brock Lesnar (31) celebrated birthday’s today. Today in Memoriam: Jack Curley (61, 1937) and Yvon Robert (56, 1971). .. [reported by Rich Tate of www.GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com]

[Downloads] ClickWrestle.com has extended its 4th of July sale for another week. Take advantage of this huge offer by going to www.ClickWrestle.com immediately and downloading full length matches of your favorite pro-wrestlers. To get the access code, go to http://www.clickwrestle.com/content/happy-4th-july-clickwrestle

[ClickWrestle Download of the Day] Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sarah Stock.

[OWW News] My Interview with Tito Santana has been posted on the Wrestling Observer, WrestlingFigs.com, Wrestle-Complex.com and WrestleView.com.

[CAC News] You can visit the CAC at www.CauliflowerAlleyClub.org to learn more about what the Cauliflower Alley Club stands for, their mission, and some of the members. Other great professional wrestlers that earned awards at this years convention were Bret The Hitman Hart, Hands Of Stone Ronnie Garvin, Pat Patterson, Steve Dr. Death Williams, and more!

[Book News]  Bruno Lauer, known professionally as Downtown Bruno or Harvey Wippleman (WWF), has published his hilariously entertaining biography, entitled “Wrestling with the Truth” though Scott Teal’s Crowbar Press (www.crowbarpress.com). The book was launched at this year’s Cauliflower Ally Club reunion but is now available to the public through www.1wrestlinglegends.com – I had the honor of being one of the proof readers for this book and I am thrilled to endorse the book and proclaim that Bruno’s story will open your eyes to the world of pro-wrestling and make you laugh out loud.

[Book News] A spirited discussion has begun on the Wrestling Classics Message Board about Bruno Lauer’s new autobiography, “Wrestling With The Truth.” To check out what people are saying about the book, Click Here.

[Book News] James Guttman’s second book, “Shoot First…Ask Questions Later,” is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com – Guttman’s previous book, “World Wrestling Insanity,” is based on his website by the same name (www.WorldWrestlingInsanity.com)

[UK News] Ever wondered what it was like in the wrestling booths of days gone by? Read an interview with Dennis Lord at www.piledriver-online.co.uk/ccount/click.php?id=17

[Radio] This week’s Monday Night Mayhem featured a special interview with former Nebraska All-American, NFL Defensive Tackle, & best-selling author (of the all-new book, “Hero Of The Underground”), Jason Peter, plus a TNA Victory Road PPV Preview. To listen to the show, go to www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/070708.wax

[TNA Event] TNA will be holding a house show at the Crossroads Arena in Corinth, Mississippi on August 9th, 2008.. [reported by Devin Cutting]

[Indy Event] Pro Wrestling Renaissance event on August 23, 2008 in Muncie, Indiana at the Delaware County Fairgrounds featuring TNA Wrestling star SHARK BOY and Former WWE and current ROH and OVW star TANK TOLAND – For more information, go to www.renwrestling.com

[Indy News] Ricky Reyes defeated Jerry Lynn and Ricky Landell in a threeway final to be crowned the first Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament Winner!

[Article] Wrestling’s Elizabeth II takes the throne – ‘So Cal Val‘ aspires to be a class act like predecessor [reported by Mike Informer]

[Article] In the ring with WWE diva Beth Phoenix [reported by Mike Informer]

[Puerto Rican News] As we inch our way closer and closer to Anniversary 35, we stop and pay homage to the man who started it all. The man who, with 16 World Champion title reigns, is known as The Universal Warrior. The man who started Anniversary and the company who hosts it, WWC. The man known as the Acrobat of Puerto Rico, Mr. Carlos Colon. We bring you this in depth interview with the legend in which he speaks of his ups and downs in the business and working for as long as he has. Enjoy this look into the man, the icon, the legend himself, Carlos Colon by clicking this link – http://www.luchalibreonline.tv/video/263653-retro-memories-el-guerrero-universal.html

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