3 Things That Would Help The WWE

I certainly believe in my ideas… and here are 3 things that would help the WWE.

We all know wrestling is not currently reaching its full potential. WWE is at the top and have a stranglehold on their monopoly. There really is no other promotion or company that can compete at the same level with the WWE, nobody could afford it now like Ted Turner could in the 1990’s. In the following, I will offer up fresh material from my own imagination and some creative suggestions to the company that leads the pack in professional wrestling. These are my personal opinions and notions; they are 3 things that would help the WWE.


One of the most exciting moments ever on SmackDown.

One of the most exciting moments ever on SmackDown.

Ever since I started regularly watching wrestling again two years ago, I instantly realized that SmackDown had once again been downgraded to RAW’s “B-Show.” I noticed immediately that it seemed closely related to the Saturday morning “WWF Superstars” show that I used to watch as a 5-year-old more than anything else—just a simple block of generic wrestling crap to keep the little kids and the old men happy and mildly entertained. If we already expect that nothing significant will happen on the show, then we will just watch something better or do something else altogether and wait until Monday Night RAW is on to get our wrestling fix. It’s really simple actually: You have a company that is theoretically based off of two weekly shows, therefore those two shows should be the most important creative projects within the company at all times. Now I am not a businessman of Vince McMahon’s caliber, but this is really just logical to the creative part of the business. Forget about all of the useless shit that is wastefully put on the WWE Network to cater to subscribers because, logically speaking, if your two flagship shows completely suck every week there won’t be any subscribers left on the WWE Network to be catering to.

I understand that SmackDown already sort of has the cards stacked against it because it is pre-recorded. In my opinion, it would be fully beneficial to the WWE if they threw in like a half-dozen live SmackDown shows every year. These live shows would add credibility to the Thursday night shows that are pre-recorded, as well as some much-needed excitement to SmackDown in general. We no longer see that many top stars on Thursday nights to begin with, so having it look and feel like a filler show proves to not be very difficult. I will say that moving it to the USA Network and adding Mauro Ranallo to the commentary table were two steps in a much better direction. I think the WWE needs to build on this by adding some live shows every year, and by showcasing a larger portion of top talent in more compelling story-lines that are in tune with the Monday Night RAW shows. If the WWE was really smart they would have Shane McMahon run one show and have Stephanie McMahon and Triple H run the other show, with each party trying to compete and sabotage the other as Vince consequently becomes trapped in the middle of his children.


Fully Loaded was one of the better WWE pay-per-views.

Fully Loaded was one of the better WWE pay-per-views.

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m totally sick of these repetitive PPVs. Back in the day, it all started with what are known as “The Big 4”—WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, with King of the Ring being added to the lineup in 1993 giving the WWE five different annual pay-per-views. It was throughout the 1990’s and well into the millennium that the WWE added even more PPVs to their catalogue until they eventually had one every month, with the ‘WWF In Your House” platform being the launching point. It was during these times that the WWE offered us pay-per-views that were built around the current angles at that time, and each one being its own unique event. For example, when “WWF In Your House” had become well-established, the WWE started adding clever titles to each event that only provided another level of depth to the event, the feuds, and the people involved in them—Good Friends, Better Enemies; Mind Games; Buried Alive; Revenge of the Taker; Canadian Stampede; Judgement Day; Fully Loaded; Rock Bottom; and St. Valentine’s Day Massacre–just to name a few. All of these events were essentially just extensions of the weekly shows.

Today, I feel like it’s the complete opposite. Now we have random Hell in a Cell matches just because there is going to be a pay-per-view called “Hell in a Cell.” This really makes everything much too uniformed and boring. I say keep the now “Big 5”—Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Money in the Bank, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series. Get rid of the rest of them and start creating new ones that actually make sense. Add another element to the product that can be more of a surprise.


John Cena and Seth Rollins can change the WWE.

John Cena and Seth Rollins can change the WWE.

John Cena is a great performer and surely has earned his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, however, his character and “gimmick” have become old, stale and played-out. Although many fans still adore Cena, most of them being little kids, it seems as though everybody else is sick of an over-the-top, baby-faced Cena that constantly preaches his “Hustle, Loyalty & Respect,” while smiling at the crowds as they boo him. Regardless of what anybody thinks, the fact is that he is one of the very best guys in the WWE and, to me, this is undeniable. The man is in the top echelon when it comes to being one of the great wrestlers and performers in the entire world.

With that being said, this guy needs to pull a Hulk Hogan circa 1996 and become one of the most unexpected bad men in the industry while creating some real waves in the wrestling world. If you want something fresh and exciting, a Cena “heel turn” will be just that. I say you turn him, and then align him with another great “heel” who is also coming off injury in Seth Rollins. They could be this vindictive duo that’s bitter and vengeful because the WWE and the fans have forgotten them. Both men could harbor hate towards WWE Management for not holding their spots, and also create vendettas against other guys for taking those spots. I believe this would make great television and would also have endless possibilities creatively for the WWE.

These are 3 things that would help the WWE, just a few ideas that I believe would work for them. It’s obvious that Vince and his bunch march to their own beat, and that’s perfectly fine—but they are stuck in the wrestling box. They no longer do things that are outside of their comfort zone and that sucks! It’s not 1991 or 2001 anymore, it’s time to evolve.

By: Ian Patrick Gagnon | April 11, 2016