PRIME Wrestling TV #173: Johnny Gargano vs. Gory

Prime Wrestling (OH)

Now Online: PRIME Wrestling TV #173: Johnny Gargano vs. Gory

Original Airdate: January 13, 2013

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Throughout the end of 2012, Johnny Gargano (and Rhino) were focal targets of the Dead Wrestling Society, with both being the victims of numerous attacks. After Gargano’s return from competing in Japan, he demanded management lift the suspension placed on Krimson, and even offered to meet “The Embodiment of Evil” one-on-one for the title as a means to persuade management & Krimson himself to agree to the terms. With that match set for Feb 16, the gauntlet Gargano must run just to GET to Krimson has proven to be daunting. Krimson’s most sadistic and dangerous follower, Gory, assaulted Gargano two weeks ago, choking Johnny out in the locker room area with Pestilence. After a ten-month reign as PRIME TV Champion, Gory could ascend to the top – and bring another title under the captivity of the Society. Can Gargano solve the riddle of Gory to further prepare for Krimson or will the PRIME Championship hostage crises begin before we even get to our Feb. 16 iPPV “Pressure Rising”?

“M-Dogg 20″ MATT CROSS vs. KIRST
The psychotic Kirst has reached new levels of bizarre & unsettling behavior. After injuring numerous PRIME Wrestlers, and nearly ending the career & life of Gregory Iron last summer, Kirst has now taken to wearing the clothing of his first victim, Greg’s original tag partner Hobo Joe, as a token & symbol of his conquest. Kirst wears the clothes to re-live the pain & suffering he inflicted on his victim and the euphoric joy he received because of it. It will be anything but joyful, however, competing against a determined Matt Cross. Weeks away from a huge iPPV six-man tag with the Megalomaniacs, Cross is out to show that ability & athleticism are worth more than politics & favoritism. Who will win out in this extreme styles clash?

We know Fontaine & Madrox call themselves “B.O.M.B.” and are the newest threat to the tag team scene. The mustachioed cousins make their tag debut together to gear up for their huge tag match set for “Pressure Rising” Feb. 16 on iPPV. Bryan Castle is coping with the loss of his latest friend, “BatDan”, who is currently down & out with a severe injury. “Ballistic Missile” Jay Flash has stepped up to the plate, after scoring his first win a couple of weeks ago, only to be promptly Gored by an enraged Rhino in his path of destruction to send a message to Krimson. Will Castle & Flash’s partnership work out? Or will the B.O.M.B. get dropped on them?

The “Neon Ninja” is the special guest of Kory this week, as Facade addresses a recent severe foot injury he suffered at the “Extreme Rising” event in Pennsylvania that was advertised on our program. What is the physical condition of Facade and the future of the Television Title? We’ll hear from the “Aerosol Assassin” himself this week!

Plus: We hear from Krimson, Kirst, Louis Lyndon, and its the first installment of the “Pressure Rising” Control Center!

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