TNA Genesis PPV Recap (1/11)

The show opens with comments about the nature of power and its tendency to corrupt those who hold it, cut in with clips from the action leading up to the PPV.

Announcers Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside to welcome fans amid a display of pyro, and talk about tonight’s card. They announce that Rhino still has not arrived at the building tonight, and Don West says that something doesn’t smell right about the situation.

Six Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, & Kyoshi
Eric Young & LAX, Homicide & Hernandez

There is plenty of fast X Division action in this match, designed to get the fans going for the PPV. Eric Young plays with the fans, getting them to alternately cheer him and boo Jimmy Rave. With his new confidence, Eric is as much a fan favorite as ever.

They show split screen video video of Jim Cornette knocking on the dressing room door of the Main Event Mafia, but no one opens the door.

Hernandez flings Kyoshi around like a rag doll. Homicide takes on Dutt next, and tosses his bandanna out to the cheering crowd after nailing Sonjay with a back breaker.

Sonjay pins Eric Young with his feet on the ropes, making Eric the first to be eliminated. Homicide goes out next, after Jimmy Rave rolls him up and grabs a handful of tights. That leaves Hernandez alone. He takes out Kyoshi with a border toss, and then Sonjay Dutt with a sit out power bomb. Hernandez hits Rave with a splash off the top and pins him for the win.

They cut back to Jim Cornette as Scott Steiner answers the door. Cornette demands to know what they have done with Rhino, as Rhino has never missed a TNA show before, so this seems very suspicious. Steiner just says that Rhino is a drunk, and they should go look for him in a gutter somewhere.

Tournament Final to Crown a New X Champion
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley

The match is a wrestling clinic, with lots of reversals and quick exchanges. Eventually the action becomes more heated, as each man’s desire for the title rises, but it remains a solid wrestling match throughout, as each man raises the level of competition in his desire to be the Champion. Tenay and West mention that Sabin has been the X Division Champion four times, but Shelley has never held the belt.

The crowd cheers both men, and there are frequent chants of, “This is awesome,” as well as a standing ovation for one especially strong move sequence. This match and the one before it illustrate the great variety of matches the X Division is capable of: from spot fests to masterpieces of skill and psychology.

Both men try their finishers and everything else, including a double frog splash by Shelley on Sabin, but still can’t get a pinfall. After a failed attempt at Sliced Bread, Shelley starts pulling off his shoe, pretending to be injured. When Sabin comes over to check on him, Shelley rolls him up for the pin. After the match, Sabin looks disgusted, but agrees to shake hands. Shelley hugs Sabin, but Sabin doesn’t return the hug.

They cut to Jeremy Borash asking Jim Cornette what happened to Rhino. Cornette says he doesn’t know, because Rhino’s not answering his cell phone, and no one has seen him. Then he says he has even worse problems, because he has confirmed that Kevin Nash is in a hospital in Japan, with a staph infection in his elbow. Mick Foley comes in and tells Cornette that his match will take place tonight, even if MEM can’t find a replacement for Nash, and it has to be a handicap match for them.

Grudge Match
Former Referee Shane Sewell
Sheik Abdul Bashir

The fans are solidly behind Sewell in this match, which starts out as a vicious brawl, but later slows down to a wrestling match. Shane slams Bashir’s head into the turnbuckle, & then climbs up and gnaws the Sheik’s head. He follows with some punches and breaks for Referee Hebner’s count. Bashir works on Sewell’s back throughout the match, trying to wear him down for the camel clutch. The Charlotte, NC, fans cheer when Shane locks in a figure four on Bashir.

The Sheik keeps badgering Referee Earl Hebner, and refusing to break illegal holds when Hebner counts. Bashir refuses to listen to the ref one too many times, and they have words. Bashir shoves Hebner, and Hebner shoves him back. Then the Sheik takes a swing at Earl and misses, but Hebner connects with a slap in the face on Bashir. The Abdul starts chasing Hebner around the ring, until Shane recovers and stands up. Bashir runs right into a lariat from Shane. Sewell hits the sunset flip and rolls Bashir up for the pin.

All the refs come down to ringside to celebrate with Shane.

Jeremy Borash is with Jim Cornette as he grills Booker T and Sharmell about what has happened to Rhino. Booker threatens Cornette as the refs come to the back, and Shane Sewell grabs Booker’s arm and stops him. Booker then tells Sewell he’d better not put his hands on him ever again.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match:
Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed (C)
Beer Money Inc., James Storm & Robert Roode, with Jacqueline
Abyss & Matt Morgan

The action is wild and fast in this six man tag team contest, as they combine X Division style with power moves. In one high spot, Lethal and Creed whip Roode into a corner, followed by Jacqueline and then Storm. They each splash the trio, and then get Abyss to splash them for good measure. Storm staggers out and falls to the mat, followed by Jackie, who lands with her face in his lap. Roode falls to his knees right behind Jackie, where he horses around a bit as the crowd cheers.

Another high spot comes when Creed somersaults over the top rope onto Roode and Storm, followed by Lethal with a suicide dive, and then Matt Morgan sails off the top turnbuckle onto all four men on the floor. Later in the match, Lethal reels off an impressive series of flips and acrobatic moves against BMI.

As Jackie distracts the ref, Storm throws the belt into the ring, but Abyss catches it. He tries to hit Roode with the belt, but hits Morgan instead when Roode ducks. Storm pulls Abyss out of the ring and Roode pins Morgan, but the ref is still with Jackie. Jay Lethal lands the big elbow drop on Roode and pins him, but again the ref is still with Jackie, trying to eject her for the ring area. Storm takes out Lethal with a big kick, and drapes Roode over Morgan. The ref finally comes back and makes the count, giving the win and the belts to Beer Money.

Morgan finally comes to and yells at Abyss.

Borash is trying to calm down Kurt Angle, who is in the lobby throwing a temper tantrum. Angle storms into Cornette’s office and tells Cornette he should ask him about Rhino, not the others. Cornette asks him about Rhino, and Angle admits that all of them went to Rhino’s hotel and beat him up, them dumped him in a vacant lot, so Cornette had better look for a replacement, since Rhino won’t be there. Then Angle claims that he’s going to cripple Jeff Jarrett tonight, and after that he’ll be in charge of TNA — I have no idea how he figures that, since it’s not a match stipulation.

Six Knockout Tag Team Match
The Kongtourage, Sojourner Bolt, Rhaka Khan & Raisha Saeed
Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, and ODB

TNA posted the following announcement on their website yesterday:

CHRISTY HEMME INJURED: UNABLE TO COMPETE THIS SUNDAY AT “GENESIS” has learned that Christy Hemme has sustained a neck injury while training in the ring with AJ Styles for Sunday’s Women’s Championship match.

According to TNA officials, Hemme will be unable to compete at “Genesis” against Awesome Kong.

Unfortunately, her injury will require surgery and she will be out of action for an undetermined amount of time.

On Sunday, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette will name a replacement to face Kong for the Women’s Championship.

Everyone at TNA wishes Christy all the best and we will certainly update fans on her condition as we learn more information.

And this update today:


On Saturday afternoon, reported that Christy Hemme had sustained a neck injury while training for her Women’s Championship match at “Genesis” and would be unable to compete at the Pay-Per-View. As a result, she will be out of action for an undetermined amount of time.

Everyone at TNA Wrestling wishes Christy all the best and a speedy recovery.

On Sunday afternoon, Hemme posted the following update on her MySpace page regarding her injury:

So yes, it is true…. I have two herniated disks in my neck. The doctors want me to have surgery right away but I found an alternative solution that could possibly get me back even quicker, woohoo! It is called NCR (neuro cranial realignment). I went to Seattle to basically have rods shoved up my nose and into my head where they blew up a balloon to move my sphenoid bone (your temple bone) which apparently aligns your entire body. Yeah, it was the weirdest feeling and grossest sounds I have ever felt and heard. My head moving and a lot of crunching… EWWWW! Anyways when all was said and done it made me an inch taller, straightened out my scoliosis and lordosis a ton and even my ears that were pretty crocked lol! My bones will continue to move for another month. The whole point is to take all the pressure off those disks to let them heal on their own… come on lil guys heal hehe! To be honest this has been going on a while and I just didn’t know what it was, my body would give me as many matches as I needed to get though and then sometimes my neck would completely lock up and I would get numbness in my arms and legs… but I kept going and refused to stop until after a day of some heavy training when AJ “caught” me in some pain and basically told me we wouldn’t continue training until I got it checked out (thank you AJ, I can be a bit stubborn and invincible). So I went and got an MRI that revealed the little buggers! I desperately wanted to still wrestle and at least have my match at Genesis. It crushed me to be told no but I know that TNA is protecting me and I plan on having on hell of a career here… so if that means stopping for a millisecond then so be it… cuz I’m coming back with more HEMME fire than EVER!! Thank you soooo much for all of your support XOXO, Christy

Raisha Saeed is wearing a very attractive new black and red form fitting body suit. Bolt and Wilde start off with a fast series of moves, and then Roxxi and Saeed tag in. Roxxi twists Saeed into a torture rack type pretzel hold, but Saeed won’t submit, so Roxxi back drops her and goes for a pin, getting two. ODB and Khan tag in briefly, and then ODB tags in Wilde.

The heels get Taylor out to the floor, where they triple team her. They return to the ring and keep Wilde on their side of the ring as they work her over. Raisha Saeed gets Wilde in the surfboard and nails her with the curb stomp twice. Finally Taylor gets the tag to ODB, who cleans house, power slamming all the heels.

The match becomes a free for all, and Roxxi takes Bolt and Khan to the floor, holding them by their hair so Wilde can make a flying dive off the top onto both of them. Meanwhile Saeed and ODB slug it out in the ring until ODB rolls Saeed up into a small package to get the pin and the title shot.

Kong comes down to ringside, and faces off with ODB, trying to intimidate her. A brawl breaks out, and the Kongtourage holds off Roxxi and Taylor as Kong choke slams ODB.

Borash listens in as Cornette asks Sting how he can condone MEM beating up his opponent and dumping him in a vacant lot so he can’t make it to the match. Sting asks who says he condones it, but then says he doesn’t care what happened, all he cares about is winning his match.

Grudge Match – No DQ
Jeff Jarrett
Kurt Angle

Angle and Jarrett start right off throwing punches with such anger that the fans chant, “Holy shit!” As the battle rages, they use a split screen to show Rhino arriving at the arena, injured and in pain.

Jarrett and Angle are very intense in this match. They do some mat work and submission holds until Jarrett back drops Angle over the ropes to the floor. Jeff then flies over the top rope onto Angle on the floor. As they brawl on the floor, Angle grabs the bell from the time keeper and slams Jeff in the face with it, busting him open. Blood flows down Jarrett’s face and over his chest as they battle up the ramp. Angle’s forehead is cut too. Kurt gives Jeff an Angle slam off the ramp and through the pyro board on the floor.

Both men struggle to crawl back to the ring, where they again viciously slug it out. Jeff goes for the stroke, but Angle counters with the ankle lock. Finally, Jeff rolls through and sends Angle flying out of the ring, where he grabs a steel chair. Jarrett drop kicks the chair into Kurt and hits the stroke, but only gets two.

Missile drop kick off the top and an Angle slam only get two for Kurt. As Jarrett goes for the guitar shot, Angle kicks him with a low blow. Angle decides to use the chair instead of the guitar, and slams Jarrett with it, but still gets only a two count. He goes back to the ankle lock, but Jeff rolls through and pins Kurt for a two count.

The guitar is broken, so Jarrett smashes Kurt with the steel chair. With his injured ankle, Jeff has to crawl over for the pin, but Angle reverses it and gets the pin. Then Angle takes the chair and wedges Jarrett’s ankle in it and stomps on it.

The trainers come out with a stretcher to take Jeff from the ring.

Jeremy Borash is with Jim Cornette as he tries to persuade Rhino to do the match another time, but Rhino just keeps taping his bloody forehead and says he will wrestle tonight.

They go back to showing Jarrett being stretchered from the arena.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Icon” Sting (C)
“The War Machine” Rhino

Rhino begins punching and kicking Sting before the heel even gets his black coat off. They go to the floor, and Rhino slams Sting into the guard rails, but the earlier beat down takes its toll, and Sting soon gets the advantage and slams Rhino’s head into the belt on the ringside table.

Sting is a hometown hero in Charlotte, so the crowd cheers him despite his despicable actions, and Sting plays to the crowd, tossing them his t-shirt. Sting goes to work on Rhino’s injured back with a bear hug. Rhino fights free and goes back on the offensive, but he keeps grabbing the small of his back in pain. Finally, Sting hits Rhino with the Scorpion Death Drop and retains the title.

Borash interviews the Front Line, and asks them what they will do, since their side has lost twice tonight. AJ says that they like being the underdogs, it drives them, and they will win. Devon says Ray is his brother, and he made him a promise that the Front Line will take care of business tonight. Foley says it doesn’t matter who MEM will have with them tonight — all that matters is which Mick Foley will show up tonight.

Tag Team Match — Mick Foley’s In-Ring Return
Front Line, Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Brother Devon
Main Event Mafia, Booker T, Scott Steiner, & Kip James

It starts off as a free for all, with everyone slugging it out in the ring and them going to the floor. Foley goes up top, but the wrestlers on the floor wisely scatter before he can leap off onto them. AJ and Kip start off once order is restored, with a collar and elbow tie-up, and some other old school holds, until Kip back drops Styles, who lands on his feet and comes right back at Kip, taking him out with a gorgeous drop kick. Foley and Booker tag in briefly, but then it’s AJ and Kip again. They get an advantage by double teaming Styles, and keep him on their side of the ring, tagging in and out frequently. At last AJ hits the Pelé on Kip, and gets over to tag in Mick, who cleans house.

Everyone gets involved, and it’s a free for all again, and everyone goes to the floor. After just a few minutes, Referee Rudy Charles calls a double count out, but Jim Cornette comes out and orders the match to be restarted, because, “I been comin’ to Charlotte, North Carolina, for 25 years now, and we don’t do things like that down here!”

Booker says Cornette doesn’t have the authority to do that, but Foley says although Cornette doesn’t, he does, and he orders the match restarted under hardcore rules. Mick then pulls out a trash can full of weapons, as the crowd calls for tables.

Devon grabs a trash can lid and uses it on the nearest member of MEM. Booker back body drops Foley over the announce table, and Mick comes back by dropping Booker over the guard rail. Mick orders Devon to get the tables, and they set one up at ringside. Devon lays Kip on the table, and Foley climbs up onto the announce table, but Booker low blows him. AJ takes Kip through the table with a frog splash off the top rope.

Booker goes for the spinneroonie, but Mick pulls out the sock and hits him with the mandible claw. Steiner hits Foley with a trash can, then brings in a steel chair to double team Mick, but Foley gets the chair away from him and uses it on both Booker and Steiner.

Foley smashes Booker with the chair, and Devon pulls him out of the ring, Next Mick slams Steiner with the chair and pins him to get the win for the Front Line.

This was another excellent PPV from TNA, with not one bad match on the card. I recommend you get the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Against All Odds on February 8.

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