Jake “The Snake” Roberts talks about possibly teaching wrestling psychology to wrestlers, and more

Jake on his upcoming books: “I’ve written a book. I’ve got 600 pages into a book, actually. I just started into the WWE, so that tells you that the book is going to be pretty thick. Instead of going with a book the weighs 50 lbs, we’re going to break this into three parts…a trilogy type of thing.”

Jake on possibly teaching wrestling psychology to wrestlers across the country: “I’d love to do that, but it takes a lot of foot work…and my feet don’t move that fast anymore, man. So, that’s an idea that I’d love to do. I would love to share the knowledge that I have. You know, and it’s actually a choice and something I should be doing regardless. I’ve communicated the knowledge I have over the years and helped teach a lot of great talent that are no longer available. I’d like to be sharing what I know. I’d like an opportunity in the WWE to help their talent…I know they need it.”

Jake also discusses some of his demons in the past, why he was the “go-to” guy for heels before they got to Hogan in the 80’s, why the feud with Hulk Hogan never happened and much more in this exclusive 30-minute interview on Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio.

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