Pro Wrestling Syndicate owner Pat Buck talks about his run in WWE Developmental, and more

Pro-Wrestling-Powerhouse-Pat-BuckPro Wrestling Powerhouse had the opportunity to attend an “Open House” at the Pro Wrestling Syndicate School for wrestling training. During this open house, Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Team Member Will “TLD” Vafides had the opportunity to interview head trainer Pat Buck.

During the interview, Pat Buck gives a lot of information about the school and his credentials, including:

– His career up to this point, including his run in WWE developmental
– What you can expect from the Pro Wrestling Syndicate School
– How to join the Pro Wrestling Syndicate School
– The cost of attending the Pro Wrestling Syndicate School

Also, watch an exclusive match between two PWS students who have been training for a year and comments from current students.”

Here is the link to the video:

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