Is $9.99 Worth It?


As an update to my last article, the day after my last article was published whether it be fate or whatever, the next DVD I needed (Dragon Gate Invasion) was up for sale on eBay. I told the administrator of the site that we have the power (he laughed and said “yes we do”). My article gets published about a DVD not ever being available and low and behold it’s available. What happened? When I found it, there were two bids, and I bid thirteen Euros and was the top bidder. During the four or five days the auction was active I was the leading bidder, until the last second (as usual) where a bidder took it for fifteen Euros. I should’ve gone up to twenty Euros. So yeah, I lost the auction and yet again, I cannot find the show. Life sucks.

In this article, I will give my opinion on the WWE Network. I subscribed to the network last month. I pay 9.99 a month, however, due to the fact that the payment is in U.S. dollars I have to pay a small fee (one Euro I think) to make the payment in foreign currency (for Spain). But in any case, the monthly amount is pretty cheap seeing how the offer is very big. Below I will speak about the main factors to discuss the network as a whole.


When you first get onto the website the design of the site is pretty basic. I never been to Netflix to know how they’re layout is but to me the site is very basic. There’s the main screen with the main player, three categories on the top and some links on the bottom and nothing else. It’s true that what matters in this case is easy access to the content and a good player, but I think YouTube which has a way better design and people like it.

Search Engine

This is the worst function of the network. It is very hard to find exactly what you want. One of the first times I entered the site, I wanted to find In Your House: Canadian Stampede. So I typed into my search “Canadian Stampede” and I got no results. I thought, that’s strange seeing how every WWE Pay Per View is uploaded….or so they say. So I said, let me try with “In Your House” and it gave me many results. So I had to go through every single result until I finally found the pay per view.

It’s also a bit unorganized. If for example, I pick WCW, I cannot find Monday Nitro in that category, I have to go to the general “Vault” which has WWE, WCW and ECW content and find it.


We all know that at launch the WWE did not upload all the content they promised (umpteenth time WWE could be sued for false advertisement but no one ever does), however with time the content has been coming. However, it is not completely satisfying.

Last month, they uploaded WCW Nitro Episodes, however if you select the page with the list of episodes, it starts with Nitro 14 not Nitro 1, and finishes at Nitro 68 when there are many more shows. If you go to ECW Hardcore TV it’s basically the same thing, it starts with #37, jumps to #41 etc.

I don’t know what content from other federations (other than ECW and WCW) WWE promised to upload, but from what I know (thanks Wikipedia) WWE has the rights to the libraries of various promotions (AWA, GCW, etc). Why is this content not available? The only thing other than the three main feds they have is WCCW. Fine, but they can have so much more.

I live in Spain, do I don’t have access to live episodes of Raw and I kind of hoped to have access to live episodes of Raw with the network, however this is not the case. I have to wait a couple of days for the episode to be uploaded. This circumstance however, needs to be seen from a rational point of view. I imagine that WWE´s agreement with U.S.A. prohibits the WWE from broadcasting Raw Live. Also, the WWE would lose a lot of revenue from advertisements. Therefore, I will not consider this fact as a major negative.

I have also watched the beginning of two live WWE pay per views (Night of Champions and SummerSlam) and it’s pretty fun to be able to watch live shows like I used to when I lived in Canada. I don’t watch the complete shows, because I don’t want to go to bed at like six in the morning (even though in Spain, people will party on weekends until that hour or later). As anyone knows, the main pull for the WWE Network was to get the pay per views free, including old Pay-Per-Views, and there’s no denying it’s the best part of the Network.


This still needs some tweaking, and it’s pretty sad seeing how it’s been more than six months and it has expanded to the rest of the world. Night of Champions buffered a lot on me. I was watching a re-run on the Legends House and it was buffering like crazy included moments in which it would not play at all. It was very frustrating, and I’ve read complaints about it on the Internet. If you plan to make a system to support one million viewers, you better prepare it to be able to do it.


How much is the fee? How much… O.K., O.K. enough of the 9.99 jokes, but despite all the jokes the price is fantastic, even if it was just for the pay-per-views. I remember paying back in 1997 thirty bucks Canadian for pay-per-views. This is an awesome deal. The only downside is that I’m getting charged a small fee for paying in foreign currency, something that I don’t understand seeing how I use Ebay and Amazon and I never get charged for using foreign currency.


In my opinion, they need to tweak some things like the search engine, the layout, and the connection problems and this can be the greatest thing since sliced bread (if it isn’t already). Last month they had a week of the Attitude Era and I did not get to watch the attitude era when it happened because I didn’t get WWE TV in Spain during that period, so it was cool watching it, and it got me thinking, wow, I can watch so many things I didn’t get to watch. I can watch WCW before I started watching it, I can watch Bruno Sammartino’s title reigns, I can watch ECW, I can watch the great documentaries that the WWE make. All this great content for 9.99. If the WWE can get more content on the website as I mentioned above, I will be subscribing for longer than the six initial months. But this begs another question, if I hardly have time to play all the videogames I have yet to play that I own, how the hell am I gonna be able to watch this network.

— Jose Perez