Does WWE have a legends problem?


WWE has a legends problem.

Raw kicked off with a Hall of Fame forum, featuring WWE icons Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. The segment was lukewarm at best as it was an awkward mix of scripted opinion and false chemistry.

This has been a theme in WWE as of late, with many big names failing to deliver on their potential.

Since returning to WWE, Hogan has been a walking commercial for the WWE Network, Flair has been an awkward shell of himself struggling to memorize written promos and Shawn Michaels has just been bored.

If WWE truly wants to make the most out of its legends, the promotion needs to use them regularly in WWE storylines.

Ric Flair could work as an ally of Randy Orton, who has been a stale character for years now. Michaels, who played somewhat of a devil’s advocate on Raw, can build on his heel turn from last year and become a full-time member of The Authority. The red-hot anti-American storyline featuring Rusev has Hogan’s name written all over it.

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