OWW Celebrates 7th Birthday!


Happy birthday to OWW, happy birthday to OWW! Happy birthday, happy birthday – happy birthday to OWW! And many moooooore … SPEECH! SPEECH! SPEECH!

August 1st, 2008 is Online World of Wrestling’s 7th Birthday!

That’s right fans and friends, it’s been seven incredible years since the Online World of Wrestling opened its doors to the wrestling universe. Through all its various incarnations, the OWW website has grown into a major phenomenon within the wrestling and sports-entertainment industry.

Our seventh year of online existence has been yet another period of unbelievable improvement and development for the massive project known as Online World of Wrestling. Clearly we have put the “Obsessed” debacle behind us and moved on to much bigger and better things. This website continues to grow and becomes more popular with every day that passes. The support shown by the readers on a daily basis is a constant source of motivation and I thank each and every one of you for that. Seven years ago I was at a different place in my life, and it seemed like professional wrestling was the only thing that truly made me happy. Since then I have grown personally and professionally and used that personal growth to create and organize this insane archive of information which is enjoyed by wrestling fans from all ends of the planet. It brings me great pride to know that my website is viewed by so many different types of wrestling fans. It doesn’t matter if you are ten years old, twenty years old, thirty, fifty, eighty, or a hundred – there is something for you at Online World of Wrestling. If anything, OWW helps close the generation gap and brings together people with a common passion for the oldest sport in the world.

In addition to that, I am pleased to have the respect and admiration of so many people inside of the business. I often get the opportunity to correspond with the people who give (or gave) their lives and bodies to professional wrestling and entertained me so much over the years I enjoy hearing from the young stars of the independent circuit’s across the globe. It’s really helpful when I get their input on their profile and I inevitably learn more about the business and it’s inner-workings. I also hear from a lot of old-timers who express their respect for my quest to help preserve their history. The respect goes both ways, and I jump at the opportunity to pick the brains of the legendary stars who paved the way for everybody involved in the business today. Furthermore, I really get a big kick out of swapping emails with wrestlers who currently work at the top of the game, in big time companies like WWE, TNA, and ROH with communications that are held in the strictest confidence – a responsibility which I do not take lightly. To everyone who has contacted me over the past seven years (too many to list), thank you for your valuable support, respect, and assistance. For anyone who has not contacted OWW, what are you waiting for?

Online World of WrestlingI was also delighted to meet a couple wrestlers in person this year at some local wrestling shows in my area. I got to briefly speak with the legendary Honky Tonk Man after an indy show. I was thrilled to meet SHIMMER star Portia Perez recently when she came through my town. I had the opportunity to exchange words with some great people like Kowboy Mike Hughes, Trash Canyon, 21st Century Fox, the Cuban Assassin, She Nay Nay, and a few others. So spread the word people, if you accept a booking up here in Nova Scotia you will get to meet the guy who runs OWW. Isn’t that enough incentive to get your butt up here to no-mans-land?

One of the biggest honors of my life was given to me this year as I had the great opportunity to get involved in an important side-project. I had developed a friendship with legendary manager “Downtown” Bruno Lauer (aka Harvey Wippleman) and spoken to him several times via the telephone. One day Bruno confided to me that he had written a book a fewl years ago and it was slowly gathering dust. Being a huge collector of wrestling books, I immediately sprang into action and encouraged Bruno to dust it off and get it published. He sent me a draft and I was thoroughly impressed with his story and knew exactly what direction to point him if he wanted his book to be done properly by the right people. I then got Bruno in touch with Scott Teal of Crowbar Press (www.crowbarpress.com), who had previously released books by Ole Anderson, JJ Dillon, Ivan Koloff, the Assassin, and a few others. Scott was more than happy to accept Bruno’s book as his next project, and about six months later we released “Wrestling with the Truth” by Bruno Lauer and it became an instant hit with the entire wrestling community. I highly recommend it to all wrestling fans.

The wrestling scene has also grown since our last birthday celebration. It seems like WWE has gotten a lot better, TNA has gotten better in a few categories but has failed to learn from some of their mistakes. I believe that have taken a few steps backwards and the lack of ratings supports that theory. Ring of Honor, on the other hand, continues to blaze their own path in the wrestling industry. They have conquered the DVD market and are now driving head-first into the world of PPV. Good luck to ROH. I can’t recommend Ring of Honor enough – check it out today!

Our Forums (OWWForums.com) have been under constant development with many new elements including a Chat Room, PPV Prediction Game and a one-of-a-kind Arcade. We even have a downloadable Online World of Wrestling Toolbar (onlineworldofwrestling.ourtoolbar.com). If you’re not already a member, check it out soon. You can participate in lively conversations about professional wrestling or submit columns in our popular columns section.

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What can you, the average OWW website surfer, look forward to in year number eight? We will continue with much of the same level of excellence you have come to expect from the Online World of Wrestling. We will carry on maintaining the site with regular daily updates packed with tons of original content. No other websites tackles the wide range of themes like Online World of Wrestling. It’s all here in one place, everything you are looking for.

Some of the great features the OWW Website continues to offer includes over four thousand profiles, hundreds of galleries, thousands of photos, tons of event results, videos from ClickWrestle.com, riveting columns, regular interviews, obituaries, promotional rosters, information lists and archives, a chat room, forums, halls of fame, halls of shame, book and DVD reviews, a helpful dictionary, stimulating trivia, radio shows, wrestlinks and much much more! Even with all of that on our plate, we will keep everything as up-to-date as humanly possible.

Online World of WrestlingWe are still on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/owwcom
We’re on WrestleFanatic: http://www.wrestlefanatic.com/owwcom
We also host a FaceBook App: http://apps.facebook.com/owwnews

I wish to thank the following people for your unbelievable support of OnlineWorldofWrestling.com; The BPI Team: Jason Deadrich, Melissa Anderson, Chris Kelsey (production genius), Jason Kennedy (tech extraordinaire), and Dann Read (ChickFight.tv). The OWW Team: Arnie Katz (Executive Editor), Michael Tunnell (OWWForums.com), AlFyiavb (OWWForums.com), Ray_Talon (Junior Editor), Greg Kelly, and the Wrestling Professor. As well as good friends J. Sutton (you know who you are), Serena M. Jordache, Georgiann Makropoulos (wrestlingfigs.com), Adam Martin (wrestleview.com), Paul Nemer (wrestleview.com), Karen Belcher (prowrestlingdigest.com), Steve Gerweck (gerweck.net), my friend Downtown Bruno Lauer, Tim Stein (wrestletalkradio.com), Doc Young (wrestlingweekly.com), Les Thatcher, Mosh (mondaynightmayhem.com), Jack (inyourheadonline.com), J.P. and Big Joe (theirishwhip.com), Evan Ginzburg, Dr. Mike Lano, Ben Kerin (www.wrestling-radio.com), James Guttman (worldwrestlinginsanity.com), Scott Teal (crowbarpress.com), Simon Ware (ECW Press), Gabe Sapolsky (ROH), Salem Hamaoui (FIP), Dave Prazak (SHIMMER), Sean Hansen (WSU), Sean Oliver (kayfabecommentaries.com), Dr. Keith Lipinski, Sarah & Ari Daigen, Linda Bade (HCW), Sheldon Goldberg (NECW), April Hunter, Steve Corino, Sexxxy Eddy, Bob Magee, Alan Wojcik, Rich Tate, Larry Goodman, Mike Aldren, Tim Lawler, Greg Oliver, Steve Johnson, Penny Banner (Rest in Peace), Princess Jasmine, Bill & Beverly Shade, Percy Pringle, JJ Dillon, Cowboy Bob Kelly, Scott D’Amore, She Nay Nay, Vance Nevada, Dave Meltzer (wrestlingobserver.com), Bryan Alverez (f4weekly.com), Mark James (marksfiles.com), Stephen Ashfield (piledriver-online.co.uk), Shawn Moniz (wrestle-complex.com), Wai-Tseung Ting (The Fight Network), Dale R. Gagne (awastars.com), Buddy Bison, Donna Lemke, Crimson Mask, everyone who contributes to the website and all of the million’s of people who visit the site.

I hope OWW can continue delivering the best historical information for many more years to come. As always we would love to hear from you at oww@onlineworldofwrestling.com

Brad Dykens