Review of the November 27, 2013 edition of WWE Main Event

Main Event 2Alberto Del Rio Def. Dolph Ziggler
A good match and a good way to kick off this show. Ziggler lost on Raw and Main Event so clearly he is in the dog house. There is still no real direction there taking Del Rio’s character but a win is a win if they are taking him a certain direction. The character is lost and they need to start building him back up to what got him over in the first place. Cars, being a rich guy who is better than everyone else, ETC. Right now he is very plain and un interesting. Good match 3-5* Match.

Damien Sandow Def. Santino Marella
It is what it is, comedy match but it got Sandow over which is important. Does this win do anything for our “The Intellectual Savior of the (Unwashed) Masses” I’m not sure but it’s nice to see him get that W. Comedy match 2-5* Match

Kofi Kingston Def. Fandango
An entertaining match but what does this server other a filler match? Kingston wins every other match and Fandango hasn’t been irrelevant in months. He isn’t on TV as much as he once was and it’s silly they have a great talent in Johnny Curtis as this Fandango. The guys can “go” and his has “It” but will WWE repackage him? Not very likely but one can hope.

A good edition of Main Event just for the action, No real build towards anything then maybe Kingston getting a win if they continue his feud with The Miz (Which I think they will)

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— Andy

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Should “Stone Cold” Steve Austin come out of retirement?

stone-cold-steve-austinThere has been speculation for years that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would come out of retirement and have one more match. At WrestleMania would be the perfect calling card for him to have that one last match. At 48 years of age should he really. Think about this, in 2003 his body was telling him to call it a day and he finally did at WrestleMania 19 against The Rock. Why should he really come out of retirement? It wouldn’t be for the money because we all know he is set.

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Is Rey Mysterio really that special?

Rey 4As seen on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Rey Mysterio made his return once again to WWE. Now I knew that he would be returning at some point but when I saw his music played and ran down to the ring I was not excited. When I was younger I was a fan of his. I watch his matches back in ECW and WCW; he made his WWE debut in 2002 but is he that special? He was World Heavyweight champion twice and not for that long. He was WWE champion for a night but was defeated by John Cena. He is very injury prone but every time he gets injured, he has a spot waiting on him when he becomes healthy again.

I want to go back and see if he is really this great or just a fan favorite.

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Review of the November 13, 2013 edition of WWE Raw

Raw 3Welcome to the post show of Survivor Series from Long Island, New York. Let’s get into it:

Randy Orton comes down to the ring for Episode 1070. He says that he is owed an apology from everyone that he couldn’t beat the Big Show. He welcomes to the “Authority” down to ringside. They say there can’t be anymore pleased about him retaining the WWE title. Triple H says that he knew what he could be and they needed him to finally reach his potential. Randy said he proved that he is the face of the WWE as Daniel Bryan chants start up. Triple H says the reason they came down to the ring is because it looked like he was going to lose. Randy says that he is the greatest star in the WWE ever and John Cena’s music plays. Cena says that he wants them to listen to this folks and the administration BS like Randy Orton about being confused little boys. He asks who is champion? He wants to cut through the BS and he says it’s time for there be one champion. He challenges right now to a unification match tonight. Stephanie they have been thinking about that possibility. Triple H makes an epic in his term, in three weeks at TLC PPV. They’re going to have a TLC match for both world titles. That’s historic.

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OWW review of WWE’s Survivor Series PPV

Survivor Series 3Welcome to the 26th Annual Survivor Series, let’s get into it

The Shield & Real Americans def. Rey Mysterio, Usos, Cody, Goldust
ARs Truth: A good opening match that had an upset with the winners. All men got good time but with their only being Reigns as the last guy he stood out for a reason. He will be someone down the road but right now I’m not sure that time is now.

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AR’s predictions for WWE Survivor Series

Survivor Series 2I just want to come out before I dive into this prediction column and say if WWE expects big numbers from this PPV then they have officially lost their minds. Look just at the card and how they built things up it should be a card that has some good matches but nothing to go out of your way and pay 60-65 bucks for. The build to this PPV has been poor in the nicest terms. On to the card:

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Review of the November 22, 2013 edition of WWE SmackDown

SmackdownWelcome to the go home edition of Friday Night SmackDown from Atlanta, Georgia

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust © Def. the Real Americans in 8:10
AR’s Truth: The match itself was good and a nice touch to change things up from the normal promo. I don’t really think anyone thought Real Americans could really challenge and ultimately beat Rhode Brothers. It was a nice match that did its purpose. 

Ryback vs. Great Khali in 3:15

The Ryback character is floating right now and Creative doesn’t know what to do with him right now. He beat Khali but where does he go from here? There is talk of him feuding with Goldberg, Brock Lesnar and/ or The Undertaker. Does he really deserve it? Things need to change for Ryback fast or else he will be a soon to be jobber. 

Cameron and Naomi Def. AJ Lee
Short and sweet division match, Naomi got the majority of the offense for the two and it looks like she will be feuding for the title soon. Expect after Survivor Series for all four including Tamina to get their share of in ring time. A nice simply storytelling for a change.  

Rey Mysterio and the Uso’s  Def. The Shield in 10:35

A fun tag match and it seems we get USO’s Vs. The Shield weekly on both Raw and SmackDown. No complaints here as they always put on good matches that you can rely on. Mysterio didn’t do much but made his presents known. I still think that there big match this Sunday will be match of the night and should be one to remember. 

Big Show comes down to the ring, He says he came back to make the “Authority” life a living hell. He says it’s been ten years since he has had the WWE Title. He goes on but is interrupted. Randy Orton says he is finished. Orton says he is all washed up and the only reason he got his job back is because he filed a lawsuit like a coward. Orton says this Sunday he is going to punish him but Big Show says that he is all tough talking up there on the stage but he should come down here. A Raw video of Orton asking the “Authority” confidence and they say there will be no Shield. Big Show says that Orton went to mommy and daddy to many times. Big Show says that Orton should be the faces of the WWE. He says that Orton was all about Randy Orton and he should be those things but he keep waiting for someone to hand it to him. He says that he is all alone and no one will save him. Orton says he will beat Big Show all by himself. Big Show has a video played every time they are alone and what happens. Of course it’s Big Show destroying him every week. Big Show says he is going to take that WWE Title. 

Wait, did they just attempt to sell the PPV? Yes they did and it was a nice back and forth promo. Big Show got the better of the two but it still feels like been there and done that. I like the interaction but shouldn’t they have done that a few weeks ago? They did more to sell the PPV there then they have done for what four weeks?

Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler Def. Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow

A nice buffer match that had components of Raw in the mix. Where does Big E. go after this when he retains this Sunday? More importantly where does Axel go from here? Ziggler, Sandow have good matches and expect to see a couple more from them down the road. 

Alberto Del Rio does a backstage promo about his match with John Cena at Survivor Series. We get a series of Videos recapping their feud in the past couple weeks. 

Hey now, Maybe WWE does listen to the internet audience…. Well it’s a good thought. No Cena on the show but they did sell the PPV the best he could there. Intense but yet boring by ADR. 

Daniel Bryan Def.  Luke Harper 

After the match Harper with a big boot to Bryan and Bray with Rowan attack CM Punk. They roll him into the ring where Harper hits he clothesline. Bray nails Sister Abigail on Bryan and they stack Punk on Bryan. The Wyatt Family stands over them to end SmackDown. “Follow the Buzzards”

A good main event and more building up this match. The way there hyping this match shouldn’t be the main event? Ok so it won’t but still a good way to end the show with the feeling that the Wyatt’s cannot lose Sunday. All three members of the Wyatt Family looked strong and made it feel special.

Overall Rating: They did a better job of selling Survivor Series but at the end of the day it won’t save the buy rates. SmackDown did a has and did tonight a better job selling this PPV.  People should give SmackDown a shot as its easier to get through than Raw and its not just for that extra hour. You had some highlight matches to see in the Tag Team Title Match, 6 Man Tag and the main event. Check those out and the Orton – Show segment. I would say positives from this show outweigh the negatives. 6-10 Show rating and a solid go home show for Survivor Series. 

— Andy

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Review of the November 21, 2013 edition of TNA Turning Point

Turning PointWelcome to the TNA Turning Point review.

Dixie Carter comes to the ring; she thanks Sport Illustrated about her and praises them. She talks about AJ Styles, She says that she has no sympathy for him and she is ticked off at him. Dixie says that she has lawyers waiting around the country but is interrupted by James Storm. He says that she saw what happened to him last night at the bar, the crowd chants his name. He says that Bobby Roode jumped him from behind on purpose and tonight in their bull rope match isn’t enough. He says that he will uses chairs, tables and he wants a Florida death match. She says she doesn’t care about what he wants but he says that the police asked him did he want to press charges. He threatens her that if she doesn’t give him the match that he wants then she will have legal issues. She says don’t take that tone with her but he says that’s what the fans want. He asks her nicely what he wants and she says yes if he doesn’t press charges.

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Review of the November 20, 2013 edition of WWE Main Event

Main Event 2Tamina Snuka defeated Naomi
Isn’t main events concept that they build up the first match and it’s supposed to be a big deal. HAHA Vince McMahon thinking when he makes this match. Look I get their trying to do everything in their power to get Total Divas out there to their fans but come on did this really have to open the show. Where is the “it factor” of a show when you have a Divas match to start the show. A standard match but nothing to go out of your way to see.

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AR’s Breakthrough: Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit at SummerSlam ’04

SummerSlam04I am a die-hard wrestling fan and I like to go back watching old, classic matches of wrestling. From now on these columns will go back and relive some of these matches. The first edition is for the World Heavyweight Championship from SummerSlam of 2004 involving the Champion in Chris Benoit and the challenger Randy Orton.

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