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TNA Needs to Change Soon

Although TNA has been making many mistakes as a company this year, their biggest one without doubt has been letting a drugged Jeff Hardy to be involved in a main event match of a PPV. Many fans have started to predict the demise of TNA.  

 A true wrestling fan is someone who doesn’t blindly love WWE and instantly turn on every other pro wrestling promotion there is. Sadly, there are a handful of “pro wrestling” fans who only watch and support WWE. The fact of the matter is, TNA can and has proven on many occasions that it is capable of being a better company than WWE. On the flip side of things, it has also recently begun to show that it may be out of business soon.
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Kurt Angle Not Returning to WWE

Ever since Kurt Angle left WWE, he’s been asked the question if he’ll ever return to WWE, and he made his decision very clear during a recent interview.

 During a recent interview, Kurt Angle revealed that his contract is set to expire some time in August/September, but he made sure to mention that he will not be leaving TNA to head to WWE. Instead, he boldly stated that he plans to retire with the company.

Although it’s always great to look at Kurt Angle’s loyalty to TNA, you have to understand that retiring in TNA isn’t the best option. The company isn’t a small-scale operation by a long shot, but at this time, it’s of no match in comparison to WWE.

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Is Christian Leaving Next?

A lot of WWE’s older talent is deciding to walk away from the company, as they don’t support the company’s decision to solely push the  younger talent. Matt Hardy and MVP have already left, is Christian next?

For some reason or the other, Vince McMahon doesn’t view Christian as someone that can main event for his company. Many fans find this hard to believe as Edge, who has a similar style of wrestling and working the mic as his close friend,Christian, is a main event performer for the company. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Christian would make an excellent addition to the main event roster and would only make it more entertaining. The Toronto native has even shown that he’s more than capable of competing with the big boys.

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The Undertaker’s Career

The Undertaker is WWE’s oldest veteran left. He’s ruled over WWE for two decades now, but is his time for retiring coming soon?

  The Undertaker has an on screen character of being immortal. While this may be one of the best gimmicks ever created in pro wrestling history, it’s important that we face the facts and realize that his time for leaving the industry is arriving soon.

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Lita Possibly Returning to WWE

Lita made an appearance on Raw this week. It was being called a “one time appearance.” But that may soon change as she has stated that she’s interested in making a return to pro wrestling.

Lita departed ways with WWE back in 2006. She was pretty unhappy with the company around the time when she left. However, wrestlers change there minds pretty fast when it comes time to making a return; Lita is no exception. It was solidified by the fact that she agreed to work a segment on Raw this week.

As of late, Lita has been telling many of her friends that she really wants to make a return to the ring. It’s been four years since she’s been gone and the itch to return has probably started bugging her.

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The Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar Rumors

The Brock Lesnar Vs. The Undertaker rumors have gotten pretty far at this point, so let’s have a complete look at the situation.

This all began after Brock Lesnar’s loss to Cain Velasquez at the UFC 121 event. After the big match, The Undertaker was being interviewed by an MMA reporter and as he was being interviewed, Lesnar walked by him and Undertaker asked, “do you wanna do it?” Lesnar didn’t reply and he simply walked on. 

When the video leaked online and MMA/pro wrestling fans around the world saw it, no one understood what The Undertaker was trying to say. Well, after the reports finally surfacd online, we finally found out why the Deadman said that. 

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The Undertaker vs Kane – Getting Repetetive

The Kane vs Undertaker feud has grown quite old at this stage and it just goes to show you how low WWE is running on main event performers at the time.

Kane and The Undertaker have feuded many times now. The younger fans don’t know this and are enjoying this feud a lot right now. But the more older fans that have been watching WWE for atleast a decade now, know that this is nothing new and it has been done many times in the past.

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Mr. McMahon Retires

A COLUMN BY Pavitar Sidhu

One of the most entertaining heels of all time, Mr. McMahon, has retired.

First of all, Vince McMahon isn’t leaving WWE. He’s simply retiring his on screen heel character known as Mr. McMahon. It’s been around for 13 years now, and has been involved in some of the most entertaining feuds of all time.

I don’t see why Vince McMahon is doing this since he’s a better overall performer than a lot of the guys he’s got signed to his roster. Mr. McMahon character was one of the greatest heel characters in professional wrestling. Due to Vince’s passion, solid mic skills, and good in ring ability, he was able to elevate his character very far.

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Carlito Released

After much anticipation, Carlito has finally been released from his WWE contract.

Today, WWE released Carlito in a fairly odd manner. He was fired from the company because he failed a drug test. Now, many fans had been predicting for a while now that Carlito will be getting releasd, but not many of them had pictured this scenario.

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