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Falls Count Anywhere: WWE’s Underutilized Wrestlers

Falls Count AnywhereHello good people.  Let’s get right to this.  After watching WWE these last few months, I came to thinking…There is an awful lot of talent either being used in the wrong way or not used at all.  I for one, think using talent that were relevant 15-20 years ago, is not the way to go.  With the exception of William Regal.  Read through my top ten, and see why.

regal10.  William Regal

In my mind William Regal, is the one of the greatest wrestlers of all time to never hold a major championship.  Throughout his years in Europe, to WCW, and finally WWE, Regal has always connected with the WWE fans as a heel and fan favourite (I STILL refuse to use the term “universe” on the basis that it’s STILL stupid).  Why not team him up with Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, or even both, to create a menacing UK faction that could be quite entertaining in today’s WWE.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: WWE Light Heavyweight Division?

Falls Count Anywhere
FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: WWE Light Heavyweight Division?

Remember the Light Heavyweight division in WWE? This is one part of WWE/WCW programming I truly missed. It wasn’t always the show stealer; however it provided a great mix to tag team, and heavyweight type matches. With minor shows such as Main Event, and Superstars, there isn’t really a lot of viewership, basically because nothing usually happens worth talking about. If a Light Heavyweight division was created as a staple to these shows, this could give people a reason to actually tune in. Who in the WWE could compete in such a division?

mysterioRey Mysterio (5 ft 6 inches, 175 lbs)

The legendary Mysterio has been exciting crowds for what seems forever. This lucha libra is getting older, and is more prone to injury, but still draws a crowd. He could bring a lot of attention to a Cruiserweight Division. Arguably the greatest light weight of them all.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Christian, Batista, Cesaro, and More!

Falls Count AnywhereHello dear wrestling fans, here we go with another addition of Falls Count Anywhere.  This week, I thought I cover a little bit on various topics that are on the minds of not only myself, but many wrestling fans.  There is a lot of things I’ve liked a lot, and a few that have been perplexing to say the least.  Let’s get going!

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Stop Whining and Get in the Ring!

Falls-Count-AnywhereHere we go again, another CM Punk disagreement with management.  Hard to believe, I know.  About a year ago, while writing for another publisher, I wrote about how Punk was the unrivaled best in the world.

CM Punk

CM Punk

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Falls Count Anywhere: Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Unified Champion, and more


Hello once again wrestling fans.  A lot has happened since my last article, therefore, once again….Let’s get to it!

Daniel Bryan

This guy’s potential is absolutely endless.  The week of TLC, WWE broadcast Raw from Bryan’s home state of Washington.  The reaction for him anywhere else is strong.  However, in Seattle, the people seemed to get louder, the longer the night went on.  Why they are not using him in the main card is beyond comprehension.  Randy Orton, and much to my regret John Cena are major players, however, when chants of “Dan-iel Bry-an” and “Yes” drown out the promo’s with almost every major champion over the past decade in the ring.  That speaks volumes.  I like the Wyatt family, it’s a great new group of characters, but Daniel Bryan should not be wasted with them.  In my mind, along with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan is the best in the business today.  They should be at least used like it.

Falls Count Anywhere: My Thoughts on Miz, the Unified Championship, and More!

Falls-Count-AnywhereGood Day fellow wrestling fan’s.  I’ve been away a while and I apologize for that.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in the Canadian nation capital of Ottawa.  I’ve been away, but I’ve been watching, and I figure, why not vent some of my thoughts over the past couple of weeks of WWE TV.  I obviously can’t cover everything, however, here is what sticks out the most.  Let’s get to it.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Is Anyone Else Sick of John Cena??

Falls Count AnywhereIs anyone else sick of John Cena?

June 27th, 2002. WWE Smackdown was on the air with Kurt Angle in the ring calling out anyone who was willing to take on the “very best in the business”.  Inspired by a Vince K. McMahon speech of ruthless aggression, John Cena hit the ring.  Throughout the match, he looked impressive.  He managed to counter the “Angle Slam” and an ankle lock submission, however eventually he lost to a hard amateur-style pin.  Since then, he’s won almost every single championship in WWE.  You think with 11+ years of WWE service, he would actually learn how to wrestle!

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POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: The Miz heel turn at live show in Belfast

Miz-Intercontinental-ChampionBelfast, Ireland-  The Miz frustrated with his performance over the past month, has decided enough is enough.  WWE Creative maybe just be using the live show to test different reactions (they do that a lot), however the Miz face character has been flat since pretty much the start.  He’s a great heel, why not use that.

If there is an official heel turn in the works, it will likely occur during a televised event, whether it’s RAW, SMACKDOWN, or PPV.

If this is the way the character of Miz is going to go, all I can say is…..THANK YOU!!!!  IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!

See video below:

-Steve Cheeseman


Falls Count AnywhereEditor’s note: OWW is pleased to welcome Steve Cheeseman to the staff.  Steve will write a weekly opinion column entitles “Falls Count Anywhere”.  Here is his first edition…

Should Vince McMahon Buy TNA?

Since the end of WCW, promotions everywhere have had to fight an impossible war with Vince McMahon’s WWE just to get by.  TNA was no exception.  Since its inception in 2004, by then promoter’s Jerry and Jeff Jarrett, it’s been an uphill battle.  Drifting from FOX, to Webcast, and now Spike TV, there has been very little stability.  With the Jarrett’s, Eric Bishoff, and now Dixie Carter running the show on and off screen, it’s looked more like a WCW replica.  Especially seeing as the bulk of the screen time over the last ten years has gone to aging former WWE/WCW superstars way past their prime, such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, and Booker T.  Sting is the exception to the legends, as he still gets plenty of pop, and doesn’t look like he’s going to have a stroke with every move.  There is some great talent with TNA.  Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.  Also, how about Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle.  They are still great talent when healthy.  However, the product being produced is simply boring, and it shows.  Lately, there have been reports of talent not getting paid, as well as medical costs not being covered.  This is very unfortunate.  So what could be done?

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