OWW X Factor: Re-branding TNA – Making a Great Wrestling Promotion

X factor

Okay so I must admit that I have hoped for a while now that TNA would take the necessary steps to more or less fill the void of WCW and the void of Nitro. But I’ve come to the realization that the people running TNA simply don’t know what it takes to be a force in the Wrestling industry (WWE knew but has forgotten about 12 years ago). TNA much like WWE doesn’t know how to move on from past methods that worked and current methods that have not worked. What wrestling needs is a culture change, much like the one that occurred in 1996. And NO I don’t mean Hogan turning heel and forming the nWo. The culture change began earlier in the year when ECW really got heated up with talents like Raven, Tommy Dreamer, and Shane Douglas through various angles.

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