Awesome Kong

Title History

  • Unified Heavyweight title defeating Jerry Lawler (August 1991)..

Career Highlights

  • July 1991: Awesome Kong debuted iin the USWA and won the Unified Heavyweight title from Jerry Lawler..
  • Awesome Kong formed a tag team with King/Krusher Kong as the Collosal Kongs..
  • 1991: The Collossal Kongs were started in the Dallas-based Global Wrestling Federation..
  • 1993: The Collossal Kongs were eventually brought into World Championship Wrestling managed by Harley Race..
  • August 18, 1993 – Clash of the Champions 24: Ric Flair & Sting defeated The Awesome Kongs..
  • BattleBowl 1993: The Kongs were on opposite teams during the Lethal Lottery series..
  • December 27, 1993 – Starrcade: The Shockmaster defeated Awesome Kong in a singles match..
  • The Awesome Kongs were let go by WCW after Dusty Rhodes was removed from the booking committee..
  • Awesome Kong now lives in Texas and occasionally trains would-be wrestlers..

    DWAIN MCCULLOUGHS SISTER wrote: Dwain is in prison ! Serving 2 felony count. Reason ? His words not mine: (Steriods) The Illigal Kind. He wants me to tell you also that he gets out in Sept. 2007. He is in a Texas prison. He has had health problems since being in prison, but that has improved greatly. His plan is to still wrestle when he gets out and also to start a wrestling school. He wants to teach newcomers to the sport of wrestling how to avoid the bad decisions that he made! There was a rumor going around that Awesome had a heart attack in prison and died ! I assure you that is not true. He is doing his time and holding his own and facing his responsibilities for what he has done. If anyone would like to send him letters, please let me know ( ) and I will send you Awesome’s address. But I have to know ahead of time ok. Unless you are a reporter or a reverand or something like that and then you would need permission from the warden at his prison. PS He will also have another fight name when he gets out. It will be Texas Kong.