Axel Dieter

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  • A special thank you to Axel Dieter Jr. for emailing us and helping with the content of his father’s OWW profile…

    Axel Dieter Jr. wrote:
    After amateur wrestling in the former famous wrestling club “Heros” Berlin, he turned pro in the year 1955. He got a chance by the, then, successful promoter Kowalski. His first tournament took place in Krefeld, Germany followed by tournaments in Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and many other cities in Germany. In 1958, he wrestled for the first time in foreign countries such as Spain, Great Britain, France and Austria. In the year 1960, he went to Venezuela and the Caribbean. He took residence for two years in Caracas and Port of Spain. In this time his career became very successful he wrestled successfully great wrestlers like Mario Milano and Cyclone Negro. In 1963, he returned to Great Britain where he was welcomed by a great article in the “Wrestler” magazine, entitled “Germanys prince of globetrotters”. He took residence in Barcelona, Spain and stayed there for more than ten years still wrestling all over the world like Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Japan, Idonesia, Kenia and many other countries. He became Germanys most successful pro wrestler after second world war, by winning the famous Hanover World Cup tournaments 5 times twice the european championship in Vienna and once more the european championship in Hanover, Germany. In those days he deafeted world famous wrestlers like Dick Beyer the Destroyer, Moose Morowski, Ed Wiskowski (Col.DeBeers), Rene Lasartesse, Bret Hart, Hercules Ayala, Junk Yard Dog, Dynamite Kid (Tommy Billington) , British Bulldog, Pat Roach and many more. He retired in the year 1987, but still kepy busy refereeing and match-making. In the year of 1997, he wrestled the famous “match of the legends” winning against Pat Roach. In the fall of 2004, he toured via Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and finally Nigeria with a group of german and austrian wrestlers as a coach and matchmaker. Now at the age of 71 he still very active and going very strong. He is a great father looking after his four kids aged from 2 to 14 years.