Baron Michele Leone

Title History


  • Pacific Coast Heavyweight title ();
  • NWA Junior Heavyweight title ();


Career Highlights


  • May 21, 1952: Baron Michele Leone wrestled Lou Thesz as the main event on a card that is reputed as wrestling’s first $100,000 gate..
  • ~~~Lou Thesz won the match with Baron Michele Leone in three falls to unify the NWA championship..
  • Baron Michele Leone was such an effective heel, he was actually booed by the fans while wrestling a German during World War II..
  • Baron Michele Leone retired and moved into an apartment building which he owned in Santa Monica called “The Baron’s Castle”..
  • November 14, 1988: Baron Michele Leone was hit by a car and died of the injuries twelve days later..


Pettorano, Abruzzi, Italy