Barry Horrowitz


Title History


  • NWA Florida Heavyweight title (as Jack Hart) defeating Mike Graham [Tournament] (July 23, 1985);
  • AWA Southern Tag Team titles w/Chic Donovan defeating Soul Train Jones & Rocky Johnson (May 4, 1987);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Light Heavyweight title defeating Jerry Lynn (February 7, 1992);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Light Heavyweight title defeating Ben Jordan (February 28, 1992);
  • IAW (Indiana) Heavyweight title defeating Steve Regal (September 8, 1992);
  • IAW (Indiana) Heavyweight title defeating Steve Regal (July 24, 1993);
  • CWA (Catch Wrestling Association) World Middleweight title defeating Franz Schumann (June 26, 1994);
  • BCW (Border City Wrestling) Can Am Tag Team titles w/Otis Apollo defeating Bobby Clancy & Larry Destiny (July 15, 2000);
  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Hardcore title defeating Maximum Capacity (February 9, 2002);
  • FOW (Future of Wrestling) Hardcore title defeating Rusty Brooks (April 13, 2002);
  • NBW (New Breed Wrestling) United States Heavyweight title defeating Rod Steel (June 16, 2002);
  • EWA Heavyweight title defeating J.C Rage (August 30, 2002);
  • MEWF (Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation) Mid Atlantic Heavyweight title defeating Hack Myers and Bob Starr in a 3-WAY (September 22, 2002);


Career Highlights

In The Beginning

  • Barry worked for Vince McMahon Sr.’s World Wide Wrestling Federation early in his career..
  • Barry ventured to the Mid Atlantic region to work for Jim Crockett Sr..
  • Barry also saw action in Puerto Rico and Canada..Florida Championship Wrestling
  • Barry next headed to Florida Championship Wrestling for two years..
  • Barry defeated Mike Graham during this time to become the Florida Heavyweight Champion..
  • Barry had his share of big name managers during the time including Percy Pringle, a.k.a. Paul Bearer, and Sir Oliver Humperdink..Memphis
  • Barry’s journey soon made a stop in Memphis, using the name of Jack “The Stretcher” Hart..
  • Barry was able to obtain both singles and tag team championships..World Wrestling Federation
  • 1988: Barry returned to the WWF and became the most prominant jobber in company history!
  • Unfortunately, a neck injury caused Horowitz to take an unwanted vacation that spanned 10 months.Texas
  • Barry hit the famous Texas region that once housed the legendary von Erich family..
  • Barry joined the newly formed Global Wrestling Federation..
  • Barry “The Winner” Horowitz became the company’s Light Heavyweight Champion after defeating Jerry Lynn..NWA: World Championship Wrestling
  • 1990: Barry Horowitz had a stint in WCW where he teamed with Moondog Spot and feuded with Tommy Rich & Terry Taylor..Horrowitz Wins! Horrowitz Wins! Horrowitz Wins!
  • Survivor Series 1993: Barry Harrowitz competed under a mask, as the Red Knight on a team lead by Shawn Michaels..
  • Barry Harrowitz defeated Skip in an upset prompting Jim Ross to make the now famous call “Horowitz Wins! Horowitz Wins!”
  • SummerSlam 1995: Barry Harrowitz defeated Skip (Chris Candido) of the Bodydonnas..
  • March 2, 1997–WWF Superstars: The Headbangers defeated Freddie Joe Floyd & Barry Horowitz (last TV appearance)..World Championship Wrestling
  • 1997: Barry Harrowitz entered the WCW and jobbed to many of the organization’s finest wrestlers..The Independant Circuit
  • Barry Harrowitz main evented for the Florida Wrestling Association on the Sunshine Network..
  • 2002: Barry Harrowitz briefly toured with Real Action Wrestling in Eastern Canada..
  • June 2005: Barry Harrowitz was working as a nutritionist in Florida, while occasionally wrestling for local shows..
  • August 25, 2007–Planet Championship Wrestling: “Mr. Technical” Barry Horowitz defeated Scott Davis…
  • November 24, 2007–Planet Championship Wrestling: Barry Horowitz vs. Ricky Santana ended in a 15-minute draw..

    Chuck Langerman’s daily wrestling trivia concerns Barry Horowitz, one of the best-known job guys in WWF history. Horowitz wrestled at Florida State University, which played into one of his characters, Jack “The Stretcher” Hart. He also wrestled under the name Bret Hart in the Carolinas, which was confusing at the time. In fact, because the Carolinas TV, where he was Bret Hart, played in Toronto since that was essentially part of the Mid-Atlantic circuit, when Calgary’s Bret Hart was brought to Toronto, he had to use the name “Buddy the Hearthrob Hart,” a name he’s probably wanted to forget for sometime. Barry Horowitz after college was trained by Boris Malenko in Tampa. He now runs a sports nutrition business called Vitamin Discount Center and still, at 52, occasionally wrestles.