Billy J

Career Highlights

  • Billy J has been a wrestling fan since he was 5 years old..
  • Billy J’s favorite wrestlers at the time were Hulk Hogan and Junkyard Dog..
  • Billy J has attended many WWE houseshows, 3 RAWs, 2 WCW houseshows, and a WCW Nitro..
  • 2001: Billy J decided to get into pro wrestling..
  • ~~~Billy J joined a pro wrestling club (CFWA) at his university (University of Northern Iowa)..
  • ~~~Billy J quickly learned to become a pro wrestling referee..
  • August 2001: Billy J. refereed his first pro wrestling show for CFWA..
  • Octobter 2002: Billy J. started refereeing for New Era Wrestling..
  • November 2002: Billy J. started refereeing for Impact Pro Wrestling..
  • May 2003: Billy J. started refereeing for U.S. Wrestling..
  • Billy J. has refereed all kinds of matches: Battle royals, TLC matches, Gauntlet matches, Ladder matches, for example.
  • Billy J. has reffed several shows and several main events..
  • ~~~Usually he’s the only referee on the show..
  • ~~~Billy J occasionally works with another referee on the show..
  • ~~~Billy J works 8-10 matches a night on average..
  • August 2003: Billy J. reffed 2 shows with WWE announcer, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, and Sonny Onoo..
  • Favorite wrestlers at this time: Triple H, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho..
  • Favorite referees: Earl Hebner, Charles Robinson, Nick Patrick, Chad Patton..
  • Highlight of career: Reffing with “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Sonny Onoo..
  • Billy J has been trying his hardest to reach his dream to become a WWE referee soon..
  • Billy J has been contacted by WWE and is waiting for an available position in the company..
  • April 23, 2005: Billy J reffed ROH Champion Austin Aries for Impact Pro Wrestling in Delta, Iowa!


Cedar Falls, Iowa