Billy Rolling Thunder

Billy Rolling Thunder

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  • Billy Rolling Thunder (Dale Patrick) died in 1998.
  • Dale Patrick was married to Alice Patrick, who is currently 80 and living in Champaign, Illinois.
  • Facts: Daughter; Sheila AKA Little Dove, Sons; Michael AKA Little Moose & Kevin AKA Little Thunder.

    Carly Glazier wrote (Maternal Granddaughter to Dale Patrick): I am the granddaughter of the wrestler Billing Rolling Thunder. My mother is his 2nd oldest of five kids, and his oldest daughter, Sharon Dale Patrick. Her name is not listed in the excerpt you have on my grandfather. My uncle, Terrance Patrick, the oldest of Dale Patrick’s 5 children, is also not listed. You provide a great service and I loved being able to share it with my two boys, Grant and Logan, who were never blessed with the opportunity to meet their Grandpa ? as he passed before they were born. I figured you would want the file complete. Thanks for what you do?


Highland Park, Illinois