Title History


  • LIWF (Long Island Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Hostile defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) Heavyweight title defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) Hardcore title defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) Tag Team titles w/Hostile defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) Tag Team titles w/Mayhem defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) Tag Team titles w/Mayhem defeating ????? & ????? ();
  • WWW Heavyweight title defeating ????? & ????? ();


Career Highlights


  • 1996: Brimstone began training to become a professional with Chris Hostile & Chavez Raoul at Long Island Wrestling Federation’s “Doghouse” under the tutelage of veterans The Original Gino Carusso (WCW / UWF / TNA), Low-Ki (TNA), Homicide 187 (TNA), Sir Christopher Michaels (ECW, WWF, WCW), Dances With Dudleys (ECW), Magic, Crazy Clown, and Laithon “The Tower of Torture.”
  • Brimstone, Hostile, and Chavez befriended Mayhem and formed the Critical Mass stable.
  • Brimstone and Chris Hostile win the Long Island Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles.
  • Brimstone pursued his training and mentorship under “The Original” Gino Carusso becoming a certified member of the Unified Wrestling Federation, and obtaining his New York State Professional Wrestling License.
  • Brimstone, and Mayhem attend John “Earthquake” Tenta’s school in Florida as special guests, assisting Head Trainer Gino Carusso for a week worth of training.
  • Brimstone defeats Deacon Riot to win the Wrestling World Wide Heavyweight Championship.
  • Critical Mass accepts new member Rexx Rockwell.
  • Brimstone and Rexx Rockwell make it as Finalists on MTV – TRL’s “Wanna Be A WWF Superstar” with Carson Daly, and Mick Foley.
  • Brimstone, Chris Hostile, Mayhem, & Lord Clarence MacDougal founded the NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection).
  • Brimstone and Chris Hostile defeated Major Intensity & G.I. Joe to win the New York Wrestling Connection Tag Team Titles at the inaugural NYWC event “Hotter Than Hell”.
  • Brimstone and Rexx Rockwell appear on a special edition of WWF Superstars.
  • In late 1999 Brimstone recruited Mayhem, and Chris Hostile and founded “Critical Mass Pro Wrestling Corp.” then in early 2000 opened in Hicksville, New York within a newly sprouted Martial Arts Academy.
  • Politician Tom Gulotta attends the Grand Opening of Critical Mass Pro Wrestling in Hicksville, New York.
  • Long Island Channel 12 News comes to see Brimstone, Mayhem, and students for a live video broadcast from Critical Mass Pro Wrestling.
  • Brimstone wins the New York Wrestling Connection Heavyweight Championship
  • Brimstone and Mayhem win the New York Wrestling Connection Tag Team Titles.
  • Brimstone appears on The Ricki Lake Show” episode entitled “Backyard Bloodbath” with former WCW performer Lane “Stevie Ray” Huffman.
  • Brimstone wins New York Wrestling Connection Hardcore Championship.
  • Brimstone takes students Dickie Rodz, Nuke, Black Dawg, and Maxmilyin to train with Gino Carusso, Prince Iaukaia, and John “Earthquake” Tenta at Intense Wrestling Federation, Florida.
  • Earthquake formally requests Brimstone to be his partner as a “Natural Disaster” for an event because Typhoon was unavailable.
  • Brimstone has shared teaching duties in the ring with the likes of The Iron Sheik, Dances With Dudley’s, Chris Chetti, Danny Doring, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Earthquake, “The Original” Gino Carusso, Low-Ki, Demolition Blast, and Prince Iaukaia to name a few.
  • Brimstone and Mayhem recruit Storm Sasake (Larry McKenny), John Curse, and Tyler Payne into the re-formed Critical Mass stable.
  • Brimstone parts ways with his creations Critical Mass Pro Wrestling, and New York Wrestling Connection after tensions within the company boiled over.
  • Brimstone and Marcello Carnevali (Lord Clarence MacDougal) team up to begin creating “The Borderhounds” comic based on the Brimstone character.
  • Brimstone & Dawg serve as special guests at the 2005 New York Erotic Expo 5/20 – 5/21. Brimstone caught up with old acquaintance Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard & HBO’s Oz, as well as rubbed elbows with some of today’s top Adult Entertainers such as Evan’s wife Tera Patrick, Britney Rears, Taylor Wayne, Vanessa Del Rio, Lisa Sparxxx, Melissa Lauren, and others. Also in attendance was High Pitch Eric of The Howard Stern Show.
  • Brimstone & The Borderhounds (Dawg & Luscious) did the first official appearance for the fledgling comic book at Gameland, Long Island New York on 1/7/2006.
  • Brimstone connects with former student Johnny Ova, and Bobby Reidel to become an assistant trainer for Pro Wrestling Revolution.
  • Brimstone was a ‘special guest’ in the Levittown Memorial Day Parade 2007. Marched aside head politicians Kate Murray (Town of Hempstead Supervisor), Kevin Regan (Deputy Commissioner), Councilman Gary Hudes, and a few others.


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