C.M. Sigmon

Title History


  • United Championship Wrestling United States title defeating Lance Blaze (June 3, 2005 in Jacksboro, TN);
  • United Championship Wrestling Tag Team titles w/Lance Blaze defeating Jesse Ellis & Tom Prichard (August 19, 2005);
  • NWW (Next Wave Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Ryan Dookie (October 1, 2005 in Williamsburg, KY);
  • OCW (Ohio Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Shane Andrews defeating The Maddox Brothers (March 3, 2007);
  • OCW (Ohio Championship Wrestling) United States titles defeating Pat Tanaka (August 15, 2007);


Career Highlights


  • August 19, 2005: C.M. Sigmon & Lance Blaze defeated Jesse Ellis & Tom Prichard for the UCW Tag Team titles..
  • October 2005: C.M. Sigmon vs. Ryan Dookie vs. Austin Aries..
  • March 18, 2006: C.M. Sigmon vs. Ryan Dookie in front of 1,000+ fans in Owensboro, KY..
  • May 11, 2006: C.M. Sigmon & Devin Driscoll vs. Romeo Roselli & Mike Ogle in Alcoa, TN..
  • May 27, 2006: C.M. Sigmon vs. Ricky Morton in Morristown, Tennessee..
  • June 22, 2006: C.M. Sigmon & Ricky Morton vs. Tom Prichard & Donovan Daniels in Alcoa, TN..
  • August 31, 2006–UWA: C.M. Sigmon & Chris Cameron defeated Donavan Daniels & Shane Williams
  • October 26, 2006–United Wrestling Association: Shane Andrews & C.M. Sigmon defeated Tank Toland & Chris Pavone..
  • 2007: C.M. Sigmon changed his name to just “Sigmon” due to the growing popularity of WWE/ECW Superstar C.M. Punk..
  • March 3, 2007–Ohio Championship Wrestling: Sigmon & Shane Andrews beat The Maddox Brothers to win the Tag Team titles..
  • August 15, 2007–Ohio Championship Wrestling: Sigmon defeated Pat Tanaka to win the OCW United States Title in Kentucky..


Knoxville, Tennessee