Chris Norte

Title History


  • BCW XI title;
  • GPW X-Divison title;


Career Highlights


  • Chris Norte was the first ever BCW XI Champion..
  • Chris Norte created the Extreme Warfare match..
  • GPW:August 3, 2005–Chris Norte def. Alex Deas for the X-Divison Title
  • NCW:September 29, 2005–Larry Cooter & Brett Ison def. Chris Norte,Jay Jacobs,Shaun Fatal
  • NCW:October 14, 2005–Chris Norte def. KC Krucible
  • NCW:October 30, 2005–Chris Norte def. KC Krucble
  • NCW:November 10, 2005–New York Gangster def. Chris Norte
  • ACW December 18, 2005–Shaun Fatal def. Brett Ison & Chris Norte in a triple threat
  • ACW January 14, 2005–Shaun Fatal & Chris Norte ended in a no contest when Brett & Donny Ison interefered
  • ACW January 28, 2005–Chris Norte & 2Bit defeated Nick White and Carnage
  • Feb 11th,2006-NWA Main Event-JT Quest defeated Chris Norte
  • March 18,2006-NWA Main Event-Chris Norte defeated Michael Jablonski by DQ
  • March 25,2006-NWA Main Event-Chris Norte defeated Michael Jablonski after the decision was reversed
  • April 8,2006-NWA Main Event-New York Gangster (w/The Boss) defeated Chris Norte
  • ~~~(The Boss used the cane on Norte,allowing Gangster to hit the Gangbang)
  • April 15,2006-NWA Main Event-New York Gangster defeated Chris Norte (Gangster’s feet were on the ropes)
  • April 22,2006-NWA Main Event-New York Gangster (with the help of Jason James) defeated Chris Norte
  • April 27,2006,NCW (Nashville,TN) Chris Norte defeated KC Krucible
  • April 29,2006-NWA Main Event-New York Gangster defeated Chris Norte
  • May 6,2006-NWA Main Event-New York Gangster defeated Chris Norte by DQ (Norte hit NYG with the cane)
  • May 11,2006-NCW (Nashville,TN) Chris Norte defeated New York Gangster for the NCW Heavyweight title. (After the match,NYG used his rematch clause and regained the NCW Heavyweight title)
  • June 1,2006-NWA Main Event-Chris Norte defeated New York Gangster in a Street Fight
  • June 15,2006-NCW-Shaun Fatal & KC Krucible defeated Chris Norte & 2bit (Norte walked off on 2bit during the match)
  • June 29,2006-NCW-Chris Norte participated in a 10 man battle royal
  • ~~~Chris Norte was in the final 4,but eliminated by Shaun Fatal
  • July 6,2006-NCW-Impact Inc members Chris Norte & Casey Kage defeated New York Gangster & Chris Cane
  • ~~~(Impact Inc memeber Brett Icen nailed NYG with a chair while the ref was distracted)
  • July 15,2006-NWA Main Event-Japanimation defeated Chris Norte & Shaun Fatal
  • July 20,2006-NCW-Chris Norte defeated Shaun Fatal for the NCW X-divison Title
  • July 22,2006-NWA Main Event-Japanimation defeated Norte & Fatal
  • ~~(Miss Opium spayed green mist in the face of Fatal which allowed Manga to get the pin)


Murfreesboro, Tennessee