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Cruz Walker

Title History


Career Highlights


  • July 23 2005 – AWA-MCW : “The Saint” Melvin Walker made his return to action after a 3 month hiatus recovering from a car accident.
  • August 6 2005 – AWA-MCW: “The Saint” Melvin Walker in his return match defeated Joseph Kayfabeain
  • September 10 2005: AWA-MCW: “The Saint” Melvin Walker, Billy Johnson & Chucky Wynn def. Lance McIntyre, Joseph Brooks and Southern Grizzly
  • September 28 2005: EGW: “The Saint” Melvin Walker debuts on the same card as Steve Corino and Rockin’ Rebel
  • October 1, 2005 – EGW – EGW Tag Team Champions The Zoo Crew def. “The Saint” Cruz (Melvin) Walker (debut match) / Cletus Gambino ..
  • ~~~ “The Saint” Cruz Walker participate in a elimination battle royale (made it to the final 5, eliminated himself)
  • November 5, 2005 – EGW – Rockin’ Rebel & Salvation vs.Zuber, Juan Cruz & Ice Dwarf vs. Matt Turner (ROH) & H2K/Team DARKNESS (“The SV” Shawn Fury & “The Saint” Cruz Walker) (Rebel’s Team pinned Zuber)