Dave Sullivan

[Dave Sullivan Interview]

Title History


  • Jersey Heavyweight title
  • Pacific North West Tag Team titles (2)


Career History


  • Dave Sullivan toured the independent scene as The Equalizer, mostly on the Pacific Northwest..
  • Dave Sullivan started his WCW career as The Equalizer, teaming frequently with Paul Orndorff..
  • Dave Sullivan eventually became “Dave Sullivan”, the storyline brother of Kevin Sullivan..
  • April 17, 1994 – Spring Stampede 1994: Kevin & Dave Sullivan defeated Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond..
  • 1October 15, 1994 – WCW SATURDAY NIGHT: Dave Sullivan defeated The Gambler..
  • October 22, 1994 – WCW SATURDAY NIGHT: Dave Sullivan defeated Rip Rogers..
  • October 23,1994 – Halloween Havoc 1994: Dave Sullivan beat Kevin Sullivan.
  • November 12, 1994 – WCW Saturday Night: Sting & Dave Sullivan vs Avalanche & Kevin Sullivan..
  • June 18, 1995 – Great American Bash: Dave Sullivan defeated DDP in an Arm Wrestling match to win a date with the Diamond Doll..
  • Starrcade 1995: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Dave Sullivan..
  • 2003: William Dannenhauser went from being a high school football coach to a college football coach in Dana College in Blair, Nebraska..


Seattle, Washington
Moved to Tampa, Florida
Living in Omaha, NE