Debbie Malenko

[Women’s Wrestling America 90s]

Title History


  • AJW Tag Team titles w/Sakie Hasegawa defeating Takako Inoue & Mariko Yoshida (January 5, 1992 );
  • AJW Singles title (February 10, 1993);


Career History


  • March 11, 1993: Debbie Malenko had to retire due to an injury to her knee..


Ordell (via the Message Board) wrote: She was in a tag match that spilled out of the ring. She was standing in the middle of a bundle of cords for the TV taping when one of the girls came off the ropes onto her on the floor, and her leg twisted below the knee. It was sick. The other girls didn’t know she was hurt and kept kicking away at her, mostly her upper body so the leg didn’t take more damage, but Debbie was slapping the ground in an obvious tap out, to no avail. Her partner, Sakie Hasegawa, saw she was hurt and the other girls weren’t stopping, so she grabbed both girls and threw them about 5 rows deep into the audience to get them off her. I mean, Hasegawa looked pissed. That finally got the match stopped. She was carried out and it continued as a 2 on 1 match. Debbie never returned to AJW again.