Desiree Petersen

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Title History

  • WWF (World Wrestling Federation) Women’s Tag Team titles w/Velvet McIntyre (1985);

Career History

  • January 1983: Desiree Petersen debuted against Velvet McIntyre in Vancouver for Al Tomko’s All-Star Wrestling promotion..
  • Desiree Petersen wrestled in Denmark in addition to Canada and the United States..
  • Desiree Petersen replaced Princess Victoria as Velvet McIntyre’s partner in the WWF, and becoming a Tag Team champion..
  • Thank you to Desiree Petersen for emailing us and helping to fill in her own profile. And I’m very sorry for calling you Peterson instead of sen but that’s all fixed now. If anyone has any messages for Desiree you can send them to me and I will forward them to her.