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[Blood Runs Cold]

Title History

  • Southeastern Super Heavyweight Full Contact Karate title ();
  • TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Jorge Estrada [Tournament] (July 6, 2000);
  • TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Jorge Estrada defeating Erik Watts & Scotty Anton (April 21, 2001);
  • NWA World Tag Team titles w/Jason Sugarman defeating Vivacious Vito & Casanova Chris (December 28, 2001);
  • TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Ron Studd defeating Southside Trash (March 1, 2002);
  • TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Damien for vacant title (September 14, 2002);
  • PWW1 (Pro Wrestling World 1) Southern Heavyweight title defeating Dave Holiday (????, 2006);

Career Highlights

In the Beginning:

  • Ray Lloyd wrestled some in the indy promotions, as well as the UWFi in Japan, before coming to WCW..
  • Ray Lloyd teamed with R.D. Swain (a college football teammate) and they wrestled as “The Blazers” on the indy ciruit..
  • July 1993 – UWFI Sumo Hall: Ray Lloyd was beaten by Yuko Miyato..

World Championship Wrestling – Blood Runs Cold:

  • Early 1996: WCW began running seemingly endless vignettes hyping the eventual debut of something called “Blood Runs Cold“..
  • September 16, 1996–Nitro: Glacier finally debuted and (figuratively) fell flat on his face, but they continued to push the gimmick..
  • ~~~Glacier (aka Ray Lloyd) had an impressive entrance, equipt with fog, snowflakes and lasers racing accross the arena..
  • James Vandenberg (Jim Mitchell) debuted with Mortis (aka Chris Kanyon) to feud with Glacier..
  • March 16, 1997 – Uncensored 1997: Glacier beat Mortis..
  • May 18, 1997 – Slamboree: Glacier beat Mortis by DQ when Wrath (aka Bryan Clarke) appeared..
  • June 15, 1997 – Great American Bash: Glacier defeated Wrath..
  • Glacier was eventually overpowered by his nemisis’ until 3-time Karate champion Ernest Miller jumped the rail and saved him!
  • July 13, 1997 – Bash at the Beach: Mortis & Wrath beat Glacier & Ernest Miller..
  • October 25, 1997 – Worldwide: Glacier & Ernest Miller over Doc Dean & Manny Fernandez..
  • December 13, 1997 – Worldwide: Glacier over Mortis w/James Vandenburg after the Chronic Kick..
  • November 23, 1997 – World War III: Meng & The Barbarian defeated Glacier & Ernest Miller..
  • Glacier was injured during a match with Bill Goldberg and was put on the shelf for several months..

World Championship Wrestling – Glacier II:

  • October 1998: Glacier returned to offer help to his former partner, Ernest Miller, who said he didn’t need help..
  • November 22, 1998 – World War III: Wrath demolished Glacier..
  • 1999: Glacier sold his “Glacier” gear (armor, music, entrance) to Kaz Hayashi..
  • Ray Lloyd was repackaged with a new gimmick, the managerial role of “Coach Buzz Stern”..
  • ~~~Buzz Stern barely made it off WCW b-grade programming..

World Championship Wrestling – Glacier III:

  • 2000: Glacier promos began to play again, as Norman Smiley claimed to be in contact with the “legendary Glacier”..
  • ~~~Glacier eventually appeared during Norman Smiley’s matches but didn’t help him and the angle died fast..

Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling:

  • Ray Lloyd wrestled in Dusty Rhodes’ Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling..
  • July 2000: Ray Lloyd defeated Jorge “Hexxy” Estrada for the Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling title..
  • October 2000: Barry Windham defeated Ray Lloyd for the Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling title..
  • February 16, 2001 – Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling: Glacier & Jorge Estrada defeated Erik Watts & Liberty McCall..
  • April 2001: Ray Lloyd & Jorge Estrada defeated Scotty Anton & Sonny Siaki to win the TCW Tag-Team titles..
  • June 30, 2001 – Carrollton Show: Glacier & Jorge Estrada over the Dobbins Brothers by DQ to retain..
  • July 2001: The Public Enemy defeated Ray Lloyd & Jorge Estrada for the TCW Tag-Team titles..
  • December 7, 2001 – Woodstock Show: Scotty Riggs defeated Ray Lloyd to retain the TCW title..
  • December 28, 2001 – Deland Show: Glacier & Jason Sugarman won the NWA Tag Team titles from the Heavenly Bodies..
  • December 29, 2001 – Live Oak Show: Heavenly Bodies defeated Glacier & Jason Sugarman to recapture the NWA Tag Team title..
  • January 26, 2002 – Carrolton Show: Glacier beat Sonny Siaki..
  • February 2, 2002 – Carrolton Show: Glacier over Jorge Estrada & The Reverend in a Triple Threat match..
  • February 8, 2002 – Carrolton Show: The Reverend defeated Glacier..
  • March 2002: Ray Lloyd reverting back to his “Glacier” gimmick and teamed with Ron Studd..
  • ~~~Glacier & Ron Studd defeated Southside Trash for the TCW Tag Team titles..
  • September 14, 2002 – Carrolton Show: Glacier beat Damien to capture the vacant TCW Heavyweight title..
  • October 19, 2002 – PCW Reunion Show: Buff Bagwell & the Disco Inferno defeated Ray Lloyd & Scotty Riggs..
  • March 1, 2003 – Cleveland Show: Glacier beat Jason Sugarman..
  • June 20, 2003 – Superior Wrestling: Glacier & Larry Zbyszko beat David Taylor & Bobby Eaton..
  • July 26, 2003 – All American Wrestling: Glacier defeated Erik Watts (of NWA-TNA)..
  • June 1, 2004–Georgia Championship Wrestling: Erik Watts defeated Glacier..
  • December 11, 2004–NWA Spinebuster: Glacier & Marty Jannetty & Rod the Bod beat Sean & Phil Davis & Nightmare (Ted Allen)..

Real Life:

  • Ray “Glacier” Lloyd is now a Social Studies teacher at Lassiter High School in Marietta, GA..
  • Ray Lloyd occasionally wrestled for Dusty Rhodes’ Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling..
  • March 2005: Ray Lloyd worked at Disney World as a Stunt Man and does some backstage/office work with NWA-TNA..
  • March 2005: Ray Lloyd spent time recovering from foot surgery..

2005-06: Independent Circuit:

  • August 13, 2005–Coastal Championship Wrestling: Buck Quartermaine w/Lex Lovett beat Glacier in a #1 Contenders match..
  • November 25, 2005–Southern Championship Wrestling: Glacier & Brian Alexander defeated The Nasty Kritters w/Stoney..
  • March 11, 2006–Pro Wrestling World 1 (Tag Team Tournament): Tully Blanchard & Glacier defeated The Heartbreak Express…..
  • ~~~Tully Blanchard & Glacier beat Ricky Morton & Nightmare | The Midnight Express beat Tully Blanchard & Glacier (Finals)..
  • April 22, 2006–Pro Wrestling Evolution: Murder One defeated Glacier…
  • May 13, 2006–Pro Wrestling Evolution: Murder One & Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews beat Glacier & The Slaughter Boys..
  • July 1, 2006–Pro Wrestling World 1: Glacier & C.J. Connors defeated Bobby Eaton & Dave Holiday….
  • August 12, 2006–Coastal Championship Wrestling: Glacier (WCW) defeated Fantastic Dantasic….
  • November 25, 2006–AWA World-1 Pro-Wrestling: Demolition Axe defeated Glacier (Ray Lloyd)..

2007: AWA World-1 South:

2009: Chikara: