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Great Tojo

Title History


  • NWA Austra Asian Tag Team titles w/Waldo von Erich defeating Ron Miller & Larry O` Day (May 13, 1973);
  • NWA Austra Asian Tag Team titles w/Hito Tojo (aka Kabuki) defeating Spiros Arion & Mark Lewin (October 19, 1973);
  • NWA Austra Asian Tag Team titles w/Les Roberts defeating Ron Miller & Johnny Gray (March ??, 1976);
  • JWA All Asia Tag Team titles w/Akihisa Takachiho defeating Ted & Jerry Oates (October 21, 1976);


Career Highlights


  • Tomotsugu Kutsuwada wrestled (as a heel) in South Korea, using the name, “Ultra Tiger Mask”..
  • ~~~This was long before Satoru Sayama was credited as the first wrestler to use the gimmick..
  • 1976: Tomotsugu Kutsuwada and Akihisa Takachiho (Kabuki) captured the All-Asian Tag Team titles as the Tojo Brothers..
  • October 12, 2004: Tomotsugu Kutsuwada passes away as a result of leukemia..