Title History

SIU Tag Team titles

From Scott Teal: The two guys you have listed as the Memphis version of the Interns is not Bass and Smith. That is actually a photo of Billy Garrett and Jim Starr when they were wrestling in the Carolinas as the Red Raiders. They were also the Medics in Florida, Oklahoma. The photo of the Interns you have listed in Central States (picture is fuzzy so I’m not sure), I think is Starr and Garrett, also, not Starr and Andrews.

Career Highlights


  • 1968: The ORIGINAL Interns were Joe Turner & Bill Bowman (aka Joe & Bill Sky) w/Dr. Jerry Graham in the Gulf Coast territory..
  • Late 1968: The Interns were unmasked by Don Carson & Dick Dunn..
  • January 1970: The Interns (Jim Starr & Billy Garrett) w/Ken Ramey debuted in Tennessee for Nick Gulas..
  • ~~~Late 1971: The Interns (Jim Starr & Tom Andrews) w/Ken Ramsey returned to Tennessee..
  • ~~~~~Late 1968: Jim Starr & Tom Andrews first started out as the Medics in Florida..
  • ~~~~~The Interns (Jim Starr & Tom Andrews) held the Central States Tag Team titles three times during their 1974-75 run..
  • ~~~~~Tom Andrews returned in 1976 (after the team left the promotion in 1975) as Super Intern..
  • 1984: The Interns (Roger Smith & Don Bass) w/Troy Graham appeared in Memphis..
  • ~~~Smith & Bass also wrestled in Memphis as The Masked Assassins and Fire & Flame..
  • ~~~~~These Interns won the Memphis Southern Tag Team titles an amazing nine times!
  • There was another version of the Interns in Tennessee played by Kenneth & John Eddie Moore managed by Dr. Master Curtiss..