Jack Dupp

Title History


  • OMEGA Tag Team titles w/Shane Helms ();


Career Highlights


  • Mike Maverick teamed with Shane Helms as “The Serial Thrillaz” to feud The Hardyz in the old OMEGA promotion..
  • ~~~Together, Shane Helms and Mike Maverick performed a dangerous finishing move called “The Falling Star Bomb”..
  • The Hardy Boys feuded with the Sereal Thrillaz (Shane Helms & Mike Maverick) over the OMEDGA Tag Team titles..
  • July 24, 1998–OMEGA: The Hardy Boyz defeated The Serial Thrillaz to win the OMEGA Tag Team Tiles.
  • January 29, 1999–OMEGA: The Serial Thrillaz defeated The Hardy Boyz to win the OMEGA Tag Team Tiles..
  • ~~~After the match; Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy announced they were leaving to join the WWE full time.
  • Mike Maverick is retired and living in Southwest Florida. He supervisor for a large-scale home developer. .