Jasmin St. Claire

Career Highlights

Basic Info:

  • Jasmine St Claire once dated a very lucky Blue Meanie and was a successful adult film star..
  • Jasmine St Claire has a reputation of being a complete total BITCH on interviews, radio appearances and email responses..
  • Jasmine St Claire left the adult film business in 2000 to devote her time to professional wrestling..Extreme Championship Wrestling:
  • July 8, 2000: The Blue Meanie made a surprise appearance at the ECW Arena with his girlfriend, Jasmine St. Claire..Xtreme Wrestling Federation:
  • 2001 – XWF: Jasmine St Claire went under the name Jazzy and managed The South Philly Posse (Public Enemy)..3PW – Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling:
  • Early 2002: The Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Claire started 3PW (Pro-Pain-Pro Wrestling) in Philadelphia..NWA: Total Nonstop Action:
  • July 10, 2002 – NWA: Total Nonstop Action: Jasmine St. Clair debuted in NWA-TNA, doing a stripe tease for no apparent reason..
  • July 17, 2002 – NWA: Total Nonstop Action: Francine defeated Jasmine by DQ when the Blue Meanie interfered and DDTed Francine..3PW – Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling:
  • 2003: Jasmine broke into mainstream films with parts in Communication Breakdown & National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2..
  • March 29, 2003 – 3PW: Jasmin St. Claire defeated Missy Hyatt in a Bra & Panties match..
  • December 27, 2003 – 3PW: Jasmin St. Clair vs. George Frankenstein went to a NO CONTEST..
  • May 15, 2004 – 3PW: Roadkill w/Jasmin St. Claire defeated The Blue Meanie..
  • June 19, 2004 – 3PW: The Blue Meanie defeated Roadkill w/Jasmine St Claire (Jasmine turned on Roadkill after the match)..
  • January 15, 2005 – 3PW: Jasmine St. Claire no-showed her own show, putting the company’s future in jeopardy..
  • 2005: Jasmine St Claire stopped supporting 3PW and had a falling out with The Blue Meanie..Other Opportunities:
  • 2005: Jasmine St claire went onto NWA Cyberspace where she became the Commissioner figurehead..