John Kronus

[John Kronus “Wrestling With Life”]

Title History


  • USWA World Tag Team titles w/Perry Saturn defeating Eddie Gilbert & Brian Christopher (May 2, 1994);
  • ECW Tag Team titles w/Perry Saturn defeating Mikey Whipwreck & Cactus Jack (February 3, 1996);
  • ECW Tag Team titles w/Perry Saturn defeating Mustafa & New Jack (December 20, 1996);
  • ECW Tag Team titles w/Perry Saturn defeating Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley (April 13, 1997);
  • ECW Tag Team titles w/New Jack defeating Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley (September 20, 1997);


Career Highlights


  • John Kronus is best known for teaming with Perry Saturn as The Eliminators in ECW..
  • John Kronus also teamed with New Jack as The Gangstinators after Perry Saturn left ECW for WCW..
  • John Kronus jumped to XPW in mid-1999 and worked for them from then until late 2000..
  • December 1, 2002–Assault Championship Wrestling: The Prowlers beat Ron Zombie & John Kronus..
  • June 10, 2005 – Hardcore Homecoming: The Gangstinators (New Jack & Kronus) had a bloody brawl with The Bad Breed (Axl & Ian)..
  • ~~~This was not an official match, just pure unadulturated violence!!!!! | New Jack cut his usual promo after the match…
  • John Kronus also starred in a softcore bondage video entitled, “Violence on Violence” with Nicole Bass..
  • November 4, 2005 – Hardcore Homecoming: Balls Mahoney defeated John Kronus..
  • July 18, 2007: John Kronus (age 38) was found dead at his apartment in New Hampshire…

    Statement from Caiazzo Family: This was written to help clear any unanswered or missled info that related to Kronus’s life and passing so that any questions about Jon (our son, fiancee’, brother, and uncle,) would be posted and answered correctly. Jon was a father to his nine year old son named Gage. He was 38 years old. He was 6’3″ and weighed 300 lbs. He passed away on July 18th, 2007. He was born in Everett, Massachusetts January 13, 1969. His last name is spelled Caiazzo pronunced (kih-ahtz-so).His son Gage, was his life. He talked to him everyday and saw his son as much as he could. He wished it was more. He was engaged to be married this year to his long time fiancee, Brandy, a true soul mate. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. He had an enlarged heart, known to be capable of stopping at anytime. Our family has a long history of heart problems. His untimely death came as an extreme shock to our family. We will miss the way he made us laugh, the funny things he said, the stupid things he did (lol), his famous bismarque dance, his BBQ cooking (his signture steak tips he grilled anytime of the day but his favorite time to cook was 2 a.m.), and his bubbly personality that entertained us at family gatherings. He loved being a wrestler. His athletic ability was far beyond that of a regular athlete. Up until this year he could still do a full split to the floor (ouch). When his son was born, he was motivated to continue wrestling, to provide Gage with everything he wanted. He waswell known in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for his outgoing personality as well as within the wrestling circle. His wrestling family has been a great comfort in being there for us. We realize how important Jon was to them. He will be greatly missed by his family,friends,and fans. But we’re happy to know that when God took him, his father was there and greeted him above.