John Ringer


Title History


  • Arizona State Jr. Heavyweight title ();
  • Arizona Heavyweight title ();


Career Highlights


  • John Ringer used the name of “Machoman” before Randy Savage
  • John Ringer held the Arizona State Championship a number of different times from 1978 to 1986..
  • ~~~He traded the Arizone title back and forth with Billy Anderson, Benny Mendeblis and others….
  • John Ringer teamed briefly with Superstar Billy Graham in Phoenix as Graham prepared to return to the WWF in the early 1980s..
  • John Ringer was told to be the “brother” of Jack Ringer who had a successful Arizona run before him..
  • ~~~They shared a facial resemblance and similar styles; but they were not related and never actually met in person..
  • After his retirement in 1992, John Ringer dropped out of sight and there was even gossip he had died..
  • ~~~He re-emerged in Phoenix in 2003 when he showed up at an old-timer reunion..
  • ~~~He ended up working as a solar heating salesman with longtime rival, Jody Arnold..

    Anonymous wrote: Though retired, John Ringer is anything but finished with the business. He now resides in Glendale, Arizona and is one of the assisting trainers for Real Deal Pro Wrestling. A promotion run by “Mr. Wrestling” David Rose.