Johnny Mantell

Title History


  • AWA (Mississippi affiliate) Tag Team titles w/Tom Jones (1977);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Heavyweight title defeating Chavo Guerrero (????, 1980);
  • Jules Strongbow Scientific Trophy holder the entire time was in LA for Mike LaBell as the Hood.
  • Continental Heavyweight title -as The Hood- defeating Chavo Guerrero Sr. (1980)
  • Continental Heavyweight title -as The Hood- defeating Chavo Guerrero Sr. (1980)
  • Mid South Wrestling Louisiana Heavyweight title defeating Jake Roberts (1981);
  • WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling) Televison title defeating Jimmy Garvin (October 31, 1983);
  • GWF (Global Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Black Bart defeating Booker T. & Stevie Ray (October 23, 1992);
  • NAWA Heavyweight title defeating ?????? ();
  • AWA Tag Team titles w/Hollywood John Tatum defeating ???? & ???? ();


Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • Johnny Mantell is the brother of fellow wrestler Ken Mantell
  • February 1976: John Lusk wrestled his first match in Bakersfield, California – a win vs. Mr. Mexico III..
  • January 1976 ? Summer 1976: Cowboy Johnny Mantell worked for Hollywood Wrestling as “Mr. USA” for Mike LaBell..
  • Summer 1976: Cowboy Johnny Mantell worked for Mid South Wrestling (LeRoy MrGirk & Bill Watts) in Louisiana..
  • February 1977 – February 1978: Cowboy Johnny Mantell worked for an AWA affiliate in Vicksburg, MS
  • January 1978 – August 1986: Cowboy Johnny Mantell worked for New Japan / All Japan in Tokyo, Japan
  • ~~~Wrestled in the Junior Heavyweight Division, doing 5 week-long tours, wrestling 5 to 7 times per week..
  • ~~~Johnny Mantell was a Finalist in 3 of 5 tournaments for Jr. Heavyweight Title with New Japan Wrestling..
  • March 1978 – January 1979: Cowboy Johnny Mantell worked for Don Owens’ Northwest Sports in Portland, Oregon..January 1980 – October 1980 : Los Angeles – The Hood:
  • Johnny Mantell wrestled as ‘The Hood” in Los Angeles for Mike LaBell and had the year long undefeated streak..
  • ~~~The undefeated streak was ended during a feud with Tom Prichard but The Hood was never unmasked..
  • Johnny Mantell left Los Angeles and went to work for his booking brother Ken Mantel in World Class..October 1980 ? February 1981 : Mid South Wrestling (Louisiana):

    June 1982 ? January 1986 – World Class Championship Wrestling (Texas):

  • the “Pride of Montague County, TX” moniker was given to him by Bill Mercer 1982 in World Class Championship Wrestling..
  • During this time, Johnny Mantell also worked for Paul Boesch in Houston and Joe Blanchard in San Antonio..1987 (three months) – World Wrestling Federation:

    1990’s ? Deep South Wrestling ? Jackson, MS:

    1990’s ? Soul City Wrestling ? Philadelphia, PA:

    1990’s ? United States Wrestling Association (USWA) ? Dallas, Texas:

    1990’s ? Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) ? Dallas, Texas:

    1989 ? 1996 ? North American Wrestling Alliance (NAWA) ? Dallas, Texas:

    1995 ? Summer 1996 – Continental Wrestling Alliance – Dallas, Texas:

    1997-2001 – World Wrestling Alliance (WWA) – Ft. Worth, TX:


  • 2001: Johnny Mantell now trains race horses on his ranch in Montague County, Texas..
  • November 12, 2005: Johnny Mantell was involved in an accident when his vehicle was slammed into by another car..
  • ~~~Injured in a MVA when the SUV he was a passenger in was forced off the road, then rolled 6 times, where the left side of his head was “de-gloved” by Highway 287.
  • Johnny was the owner/manager of the Lusk Ranch, which unfortunately burned in the North Texas Wildfires on April 9, 2009..