Title History:
·         BlackBall’d Wrestling Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         BlackBall’D Wrestling Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         Dynamite Championship Wrestling International Champion(1X)
·         AWA World Star Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion(2X)
·         Family Wrestling Organization Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         All American Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         World Class Independent Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         CWA World Heavyweight Champion(2X)
·         SWO Unlimited Champion(1X)
·         National Wrestling League Champion(1X)
·         Roc City Wrestling Western NY Champion(1X)
·         Roc City Wrestling Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         Roc City Wrestling Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         Penn York Tag Team Championship(1X)
·         Pro Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         AWO World Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         IWC World Champion(1X)
·         IWC Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         World Wide Wrestling Alliance World Champion(1X)
·         World Professional Wrestling Hardcore Champion(2X)
·         Atomic Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion(2X)
·         Trash Talking Radio Champion(11X)
·         Classic Professional Wrestling Champion(1X)
·         Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         East Coast Pro Wrestling Empire State Champion(2X)
·         Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         Maximum Force Wrestling Heavyweight Champion(1X)
·         Devastation Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         Empire Wrestling Tag Team Champion(1X)
·         Classic Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion(2X)
·         Pier 6 Wrestling Tag Team Champion(2X)

Career Highlights:  In 2004 Kage had a tryout with Ohio Valley Wrestling.

World Wrestling Entertainment Appearances:

July 2005: Smackdown: Kage & Chris Hamrick vs WWE Tag Team Champions, The Legion of Doom (Rochester NY)
January 2006: Raw Brand Pay Per View:  News Years Revolution (Albany NY)

International Tours:
November, 2005:  Great Canadian Wrestling Expo (Canada)
June            2007:   Traditional Pro Wrestling (Canada)
September, 2007:   World Class Canadian Wrestling (Canada)
April           2009:    Pro Wrestling-Fighters (Germany)
April           2009:    Premier Wrestling League/ Dansk Pro Wrestling (Denmark)
November   2009:    Pro Wrestling Fighters (Germany)
November   2009:    Premier Wrestling League/Dansk Pro Wrestling (Denmark)
March         2011:   Pro Wrestling Fighters (Germany)
March         2011:   Nordic Championship Wrestling (Germany)
September 2011:    Puerto Rico Wrestling Association