Ludvig Borga

Title History


  • IWGP (Japan) Tag Team titles w/Scott Norton defeating Rick & Scott Steiner (November 22, 1992);
  • CWA (Catch Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight title defeating Rambo (December 20, 1995);


Career Highlights

Herb Abrams’ UWF:

  • October 29, 1990: The Viking defeated The Patriot in Reseda, California at the Reseda Country Club..
  • November 05, 1990: The Viking defeated Kevin Benjamin in Reseda, California at the Reseda Country Club..
  • December 24, 1990: The Viking defeated Rob Allen in Reseda, California at the Reseda Country Club..
  • December 31, 1990: The Viking defeated Al Lion in Reseda, California at the Reseda Country Club..New Japan Pro Wrestling & World Championship Wrestling:
  • Tony Halme wrestled for New Japan, winning the IWGP Tag Team titles with Scott Norton..
  • November 22, 1992: Scott Norton & Tony Halme defeated The Steiner Brothers to win the IWGP Tag Team titles..
  • December 14, 1992: The Hellraisers (Hawk & Kensuke Sasake) defeated Norton & Halme for the IWGP Tag Team titles..
  • January 4, 1993 – WCW/New Japan Supershow III: Ron Simmons defeated Tony Halme..World Wrestling Federation:
  • August 30, 1993 – Summerslam: Ludvig Borga defeated Marty Jannetty by submission..
  • September 27, 1993 – RAW: Ludvig Borga defeated Phil Apollo..
  • October 25, 1993 – RAW: Ludvig Borga defeated Mike Bucci (later known as Nova in ECW)..
  • November 8, 1993 – RAW: Ludvig Borga vs Scott Steiner ended in a Double disqualification..
  • November 24, 1993 – Survivor Series: Ludvig Borga competed on a Team with Yokozuna, Jacques Rougeau and Crush..
  • November 29, 1993 – RAW: Ludvig Borga defeated Scott Taylor (later known as Scotty Too Hotty)..
  • December 14, 1993: Ludvig Borga beat IC Champion Razor Ramon after interference from fake IC Champion Shawn Michaels..
  • ~~~Borga scored the pin while Razor had his foot on the rope so a second referee came down and reversed the decision..From Graham Cawthon’s site –

    WWF Superstars Taping @ Lowell, Massachusetts – Auditorium – December 14, 1993 (2,500; sell out): WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated Ludvig Borga via reverse decision at 10:05; Borga had originally pinned Razor to win the match and title after Shawn Michaels interfered and hit Razor with his fake IC title but another referee disputed the call; earlier in the bout, Borga pinned Razor at 6:58 with a clothesline off the top but Razor’s foot was on the bottom rope during the cover so the contest continued (Inside the WWF)


  • December 20, 1993 – RAW: Tatanka defeated Ludvig Borga by Disqualification..
  • January 10, 1994 – RAW: Ludvig Borga defeated Brad Anderson (son of Gene Anderson)..Retirement:
  • May 30, 1997: Randy Couture defeated Tony Halme by choke in 57 seconds in Couture’s first professional MMA match..
  • March 2003: Ludvig Borga, under his real name of Tony Halme, was elected to parliament in Finland..
  • January 9, 2010: Tony Halme aka Ludvig Borga passed away at the age of 47 at his apartment in Finland..Mike Aldren wrote (on January 10, 2010): Former WWE wrestler Tony Halme aka Ludwig Borga passed away in Finland. He had just turned 47. Police and medics were called to his apartment but efforts to resuscitate him failed and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Finnish police said there were no suspicious circumstances and the case had been passed to the coroner. Halme headlined for WWE during the mid-90s following a run with New Japan Pro Wrestling. He worked a heel foreigner gimmick as a fighter who hated the U.S. due to pollution. He had a notable main event feud with Lex Luger and also ended the two-year undefeated streak of Tatanka. At Survivor Series in 1993, he teamed with Yokozuna, Jacques Rougeau and Crush [representing Hawaii and replacing an injured Pierre Karl Ouelette] as the “Foreign Fanatics” against the “All-Americans” of Lex Luger, The Undertaker and the Steiner Brothers. However, an ankle injury forced the company to cancel their plans for him and he left soon after. He went on to become a professional boxer, amassing a 13-6 record from 1995-2002, including ten knockouts. He lost to Randy Couture via choke at UFC 13 in his only MMA fight in 1997. He was actually Couture’s first-ever UFC opponent who gave up over 50 pounds in their 57-second fight. He also appeared on the Finnish TV version of American Gladiators under the moniker “Viking” and later, in 2003, entered the political arena with an extreme right-wing group called the True Finns Party. He served on Finnish Parliament from 2003-2007. In 2004, he was given a four-month suspended sentence for firearms and drugs offences after he fired a pistol during a domestic dispute with his wife. At the time he blamed the incident on being under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol, and a search of his home and office revealed steroids and amphetamines. In March 2006, Halme was committed to a mental institution, reportedly due to delirium caused by substance abuse. A few months earlier he had been diagnosed with alcohol-related cirrhosis and acute pancreatitis. After being on sick leave for most of 2006, he went on disability pension at end of his Parliamentary term. Just last month he said in a newspaper interview that he was destitute and suffering from issues with his short-term memory. He said he had trouble remembering anything, but was trying to pencil his memoirs.

    Mike Aldren wrote (on January 11, 2010): In a follow up to yesterday’s report on the death of Tony Halme, who once worked for WWE as Ludvig Borga; Ilta-Sanomat of Finland, a tabloid, has published unconfirmed reports that Halme took his own life. The paper claims that a pistol, for which Halme didn’t have a firearms permit, was found next to his body. Finnish police previously stated there were no suspicious circumstances but declined to release further details. Halme had just turned 47, was destitute, and was suffering from various health issues including short-term memory loss reportedly due to years of substance abuse.

    Mike Aldren wrote (on January 21, 2010): The post-mortem of mid-90s WWE wrestler Tony Halme aka Ludwig Borga confirmed that Halme took his own life with a pistol. Finnish authorities believe that Halme had been dead for two days in his apartment before his body was discovered. The official time of death was entered as Friday January 8, while police discovered his body on Sunday, January 10.