Madusa Micelli


Title History

  • AWA World Women’s title defeating Candi Divine for vacant title (December 27, 1987);
  • IWA (International Wrestling Association) Women’s world title defeating Chigusa Nagayo (January 4, 1989);
  • IWA (International Wrestling Association) Women’s world title defeating Beastie for vacant title (September 14, 1989);
  • IWCCW (New England) Women’s title defeating Jamie West (May 7, 1993);
  • WWF Women’s world title defeating Heidi Lee Morgan [Tournament} (December 13, 1993);
  • WWF Women’s world title defeating Bull Nakano (April 3, 1995);
  • WWF Women’s world title defeating Bertha Faye (October 23, 1995);
  • WCW World Cruiserweight title defeating Evan Karagias (December 19, 1999);

Career Highlights

American Wrestling Association:

World Championship Wrestling:

  • Madusa was the valet of “Ravishing” Rick Rude, who was a member of Dangerous Alliance, led by Paul E. Dangerously.
  • October 25, 1992 – Halloween Havoc: Paul E. Dangerously fired Madusa, resulting in Madusa attacking Dangerously!
  • November 18, 1992 – Clash of the Champions XXI: Paul E. Dangerously vs Madusa ended in a DRAW.

World Wrestling Federation:

  • 1993: Madusa worked for the WWF, was known as Alundra Blaze.
  • Alundra Blaze won the WWF womans title in a tournament.
  • Alundra lost the title to Bull Nakano but won it back.
  • Alundra lost the title to Bertha Fare, but again, won it back.

World Championship Wrestling:

  • 1996: Madusa made a shocking appearance on WCW Nitro and dropped the WWF Women’s title belt into the garbage!
  • June 15, 1997 – Great American Bash: Madusa lost a “returement” match to Akira Hokuto.
  • ~~~Madusa went into ‘temporary’ retirement. aka wrestling retirement.
  • February 14, 1998: Madusa married Cincinnati Bengals player Ken Blackman.
  • 1999: Madusa returned and aligned herself with Team Madness, with Randy Savage, Miss Madness, Gorgeous George & Sid.
  • Madusa came out on Vince Russo’s first day on the job and dumped “Nitro” cologne all over Bobby Heenan!
  • December 19, 1999 – Starrcade: Madusa defeated Evan Karagias to win the WCW Cruiserweight title.
  • ~~~January 16, 2000 – Souled Out: Madusa was defeated by Oklahoma for the title.
  • September 17, 2000 – Fall Brawl: Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson def Billy Kidman & Madusa in a “Pittsburg Plunge” (Scaffold) match.
  • ~~~Madusa took a big bump during this match and wasn’t seen again on WCW tv.

Out of the Business:

  • After WCW died, and the WWF was the only show in town, Madusa oped to retire from the world of wrestling.
  • Madusa got involved in the world of Monster Trucks and even drives her own trunk in feature competitions.
  • February 2004: Madusa does commentary for boat races and plans to write a book pertaining to her years in Professional Wrestling.
  • April 2004: At the recent Master Jam World finals, Madusa qualified 6th out of 16 drivers, but damaged her truck in the early rounds.
  • ~~~In freestyle, she did a half crash and half backflip and got a three-way tie for first.
  • ~~~In Maximum Destruction, she was also part of a three-way tie for first.
  • March 2005: Madusa became the first woman to win the Monster Jam World Finals racing championship in Las Vegas.
  • June 25, 2011: Madusa married Alan Jonason, a sergeant in the United States Army, in Memphis Tennessee.
  • ~~~She is currently in the process of penning an autobiography which will extensively cover her wrestling days.
Originally Minneapolis, Minnesota
Now lives in Homosassa, Florida