Marko Estrada

Title History


  • ECPW (East Coast Pro Wrestling) Cruiseweight title defeating Scott Savage (September 27, 2003);
  • MSW Heavyweight title defeating Jeff Dupré (October 12, 2004);


Career Highlights


  • 2002: Marko Estrada graduated from Kardinal Sinners wrestling school at 18 years old..
  • November 30, 2002: Marko Estrada had his debut match against his trainer Kowboy Mike Hughes in P.E.I…
  • Summer 2004: Marko Estrada participated in the first Honky Tonk Man “Dropkick on Cancer” Tour..
  • Summer 2004: Marko Estrada toured with Gangrel just before he temporarily resigned with WWE..
  • Autumn 2004: Marko Estrada trained some wrestlers and made his own promotion called ALA (Association de Lutte Cadienne)..
  • ~~~Translated to (Acadian Association of Wrestling) – they held a show on Octobre 2 and August 21..
  • Spring 2005: Marko Estrada participated in the Dropkick on Cancer tour with Honky Tonk Man once again..
  • May 4, 2005: Marko Estrada was supposed to participate in the 2nd Maritime Cup but was replaced due to a nasty wrist injury..
  • Summer 2005: Marko Estrada toured with Grand-prix wrestling (owner Émile Durpée)..
  • ~~~Others on the tour: Wildman Gary Williams, Jeff Dupré and Duke MacIsaac..