Milwaukee Mauler

Title History


  • NBW United States title;
  • NBW Triangle Trophy title;
  • NWA/PWX Heavyweight title defeating Headshrinker Samu (September 1998);
  • Mid Ohio Tag Team titles w/Benny the Bookie;
  • Outlaw Championship Wrestling United States title defeating Crazy Seth James (Sepember 2001);
  • RAH Wrestling Hardcore title defeating Insaniac;
  • CIW Heavyweight title defeating Brad Anderson and Nitro and Dave Dupont in a Barbwire Texas Death Match (January 15, 2005);
  • UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Viper Pete Christie defeating Mayhem;
  • APWF United States title defeating Pig Vomit (April 27, 2008);
  • MOW (Mid Ohio Wrestling) Tri County title defeating Kenny Hendrix (January 14, 2009);


Career Highlights

In the Beginning:

  • January 1996: Started training at Cruncher’s Gym in Elmira, NY with Bob Bailey (owner) & T.C. Reynolds (trainer)..
  • April 1996: Psycho Mike defeated The Milwaukee Mauler (debut) — The Mauler broke his nose in his 2nd match..Career Highlights:
  • 1998: The Milwaukee Mauler feuded with the The Gentlemen’s Club in Pro Wrestling Express (PWX)..
  • February 1998: The Milwaukee Mauler defeated Paul Atlas..
  • April 1998: The Brooklyn Brawler defeated The Milwaukee Mauler in a “Brawler vs Mauler” match in NBW..
  • September 1998: The Milwaukee Mauler defeated Headshrinker Samu for PWX Heavyweight title..
  • July 1999: The Milwaukee Mauler won a $15,000 Battle Royal in Canton, Ohio..
  • September 1999: The Milwaukee Mauler ranked 464 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500.
  • June 2001: The Milwaukee Mauler defeated Big CatLemur in a TABLES match..
  • Sepember 2001: The Milwaukee Mauler defeated Crazy Seth James for OCW United States title..
  • May 2002: The Milwaukee Mauler scored his first win vs Doink after many tries..
  • September 2003: The Milwaukee Mauler defeated Insaniac for the Hardcore title..
  • October 23, 2004: Teamed with Nitro as “Atomic Demolition” losing to Meng & Barbarian in Indianapolis, IN Legends Show.
  • The Milwaukee Mauler lost two highly profiled matches to NWO Sting (Jeff Farmer)..
  • January 15, 2005: The Milwaukee Mauler beat Brad Anderson and Nitro and Dave Dupont in a Barbwire Texas Death Match..
  • ~~~The Milwaukee Mauler captured the CIW Heavyweight title for winning this 4-WAY Death match..
  • The Milwaukee Mauler & Viper Pete Christie defeated Mayhem to win Ultimate Championship Wrestling Tag Team titles..
  • February 12, 2005–Ultimate Championship Wrestling: Milwaukee Mauler & Pete Christie defeated Mayhem..
  • ~~~Later: Rick Steiner & Bull Wheeler & Mayhem b NWO Sting & Milwaukee Mauler & Jaysen Yang & Pete Christie in War Games..
  • March 4, 2005–Mid-Ohio Wrestling: Milwaukee Mauler defeated Dr. Feelgood..
  • August 14-31, 2005: Traveled to the US bases in South Korea, Japan, Guam, and Hawaii for Armed Forces Entertainment
  • ~~~World Wrestling Alliance Crew Included: The Barbarian, The Patriot, Demolition Krash, Volcano Kid, Dave DuPonte..
  • ~~~~~~~Also included Women’s wrestlers Christie Ricci, Allison Danger, Brandy Wine, and Venus……
  • October 14, 2006: Formed “The War Machines” with Nitro and battled Team Clash in CIW.
  • February 10, 2007: Teamed with Demolition Ax in Adrian, MI (CIW) defeating Pat Tanaka and Azure.
  • November 10, 2007: Teamed with Demolition Smash defeating Sugar and Spice in Port Huron, MI (BWCW).
  • September 2008 ranked 420 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500.
  • June 28, 2008: Teamed with Demolition Ax defeating The Bouncer and Max Alexander in Youngstown, OH (IWA).


Milwaukee, Wisconsin