Nick Busick

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Career Highlights

  • Nick Busick was a police officer in the Atlanta, Georgia area and had been moonlighting as a wrestler for some Georgia indy groups..
  • Nick Busick took a leave from the police department to take his shot at the big time, in the World Wrestling Federation..
  • Nick “Big Bully” Busick was in the WWF for several months before leaving to go back to law enforcement..

    Kevin Phillips wrote: I grew up with Nick Busick`s son Robert and daughter, nicole and i have known their family for years, Robert is now a West Virginia state trooper and Nicole is a student with me at West Virginia northern Community College, Nicks other son, Bronco, is a member of the Weir High School(Weirton, WV) wrestling team.

As for Nick himself, i see him around our town, Weirton West Virginia regularly riding his motorcycle with his bushy mustache still intact. He works for ted Arneault at Mountaineer Race track and Gaming Resort as a corporate investigator ( and still speaks about powerlifting and his plan for a sort of “League” for power lifters is in the works.