Nui Tofiga


Title History


  • N.E.W Battle Royal title (July 10th 2009)


Career Highlights


  • December 1, 2007–ACPW: Nui “Samoan Tsunami” Tofiga had his first match against Kwame in Philadelphia, PA
  • Aug 5th 2007 F.O.W – “Lunchbox” Dino Devine b Doyle Day w/ The Time (Marcus “King Kong” Dowling & Double D Security)
  • Sept 30th 2007 F.O.W – Greg Excellent b Doyle Day w/The Time (Marcus “King Kong” Dowling & Tsunami)
  • Dec 1st 2007 A.C.P.W – Kwame def. Tsunami w/Doyle Day to retain the ACPW Heavyweight title (First Solo Match)
  • Dec 9th 2007 F.O.W – The Blue Meanie b Doyle Day w/ The Time (Marcus “King Kong” Dowling & Tsunami)
  • Jan 6th 2008 M.B.A – Tsunami & Bruce Parcells (Samoan Eviction Notice debut) in Battle Royal / L.J. Cruz won Battle Royal
  • Feb 23rd 2008 A.C.P.W – Doyle Day & Tsunami w/Marcus Dowling def. Guilty Conscience (Shaheem & Lil’ Rob)
  • Apr 26th 2008 A.C.P.W – Doyle Day w/Tsunami & Prodigy PTV defeated JT Roberts w/Discord
  • Apr 26th 2008 A.C.P.W – Tsunami, Prodigy PTV & Doyle Day defeated Adam Cole
  • Apr 26th 2008 A.C.P.W ? Prodigy w/Doyle Day & Tsunami defeated D.J. Hyde
  • Mar 9th 2008 N.E.W – Lu Luv w/ Ray Alexander defeated Doyle Day w/ The Time (Marcus “King Kong” Dowling & Tsunami)
  • May 31st 2008 E.W.A Gym Wars – Big Art the Security Guy defeated Chase Rawling via Countout
  • Sept 5th 2009 M.C.W Canton, MD – Big Art “The Samoan Tsunami” defeated Johnberg w/ Jimmy Starz
  • Sept 13th 2009 C.Z.W Chris Cash Memorial Show ? Tsunami eliminated in Battle Royal by Sami Callahan for the win.
  • Sept 21st 2008 E.W.A Autumn Armaggedon – Big Art defeated Jimmy Starz
  • October 11th 2008 E.W.A Glen Burnie, MD – Big Art “The Samoan Tsunami” defeated Blood and DJ Hyde in a 3 way
  • Jan 9th 2009 E.W.A Cold Fury – Nui The Samoan Tsunami defeated EWA Maryland Champion Chase Rawlings by Disqualification
  • Jan 10th 2009 C.Z.W Open Book – Jon Dahmer, Little Mondo, Tyler Veritas & LJ Cruz defeated EMO, Nui, Rob Tapp & Eric Jones
  • Jan 31st M.B.A Show Philly, PA ? Gemini, Frankie Fizzo, Korpse defeated Izzy, Nui, Bruce Parcells
  • Mar 21st 2009 E.W.A Evolution 2K9 – Nui the Samoan Tsunami defeated Joe Gacy & Ernest Montgomery in a handicap match
  • Apr 25th 2009 E.W.A Glen Burnie MD – Nui defeated D.J. Hyde via countout
  • Apr 25th 2009 E.W.A Glen Burnie, MD – Nui wins EWA Battle Royal
  • Apr 25th 2009 E.W.A Glen Burnie, MD – Adam Carelle & Nui defeated D.J.Hyde & Chace Rawlings
  • Apr 25th 2009 G.B.W Gettysburg, PA – Solid Metal Studs & Alex Colon defeated Justin Tyme, Pinkie Sanchez & Nui Tofiga
  • May 9th 2009 M.B.A Show Philly, PA – Nui “Samoan Tsunami” & Bruce Parcell defeated by Sami Callahan & Jon Moxley
  • May 14th 2009 M.B.A. Show Philly, PA ? D.J. Hyde & Nui defeated Pinky Sanchez &Izzy, The Jamaican Hit Squad, and
  • May 30th 2009 E.W.A Fight the Power ? D.J. Hyde defeated Nui in a lumberjack match
  • June 19th 2009 E.W.A Derek Wayne Memorial ? Nui defeated Chace Rawlings via DQ
  • July 10th 2009 N.E.W History in the Making ? Nui wins the Super Frenzy Elite Battle Royal Of Doom And Destruction to become the N.E.W Battle Royal Champion
  • July 11th 2009 M.B.A. The Nick Gage Benefit ? Final 3 eliminated from Battle Royal by John Dahmer