Ox Baker


Title History

  • NWA North American Tag Team titles w/ Luke Brown (October 2, 1969);
  • AWA Midwest Tag Team titles w/ Rock Rogowski (Ole Anderson) defeating Stan Pulaski and Reggie Parks (1971);
  • AWA Midwest Tag Team titles w/ The Claw defeating Bob Ellis and Alberto Torres (August 1971);
  • AWA Midwest Tag Team titles w/ Great Kusatsu defeating Jerry Miller and Johnny Valentine Jr. (1971 -Abandoned);
  • NWA Georgia Tag Team titles w/ Skandar Akbar (1972);
  • NWF North American Heavyweight title (1974);
  • WWA World Heavyweight title defeating “Cowboy” Bob Ellis (August 19, 1974);
  • WWA Tag Team titles w/ Chuck O’Connor (aka Big John Studd) (1976);
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles w/ Billy Graham defeating the Brisco Brothers (1977);
  • NWA (Detroit) United States Heavyweight title defeating The Sheik (September 1977);
  • NWA American Heavyweight title defeating Captain USA (Big John Studd) (September 30, 1977);
  • NWA Australian Tag Team titles w/ Butcher Brannigan defeating Larry O’day and Mario Milano (October 27, 1978);
  • NWA American Heavyweight title defeating Bruiser Brody (January 2, 1980);

Career Highlights

  • Ox Baker formed formatable tag teams with Ole Anderson, Skandar Akbar, Chuck O’Connor, Terry Boulder, and Billy Graham.
  • 1971: Alberto Torres died following an AWA Midwest Tag-Team Title match in which he took Ox Baker’s Heart Punch.
  • ~~~Though the death was due to a pre-existing condition, the fans and promoters credited the heart punch.
  • August 1, 1972: Ray Gunkel suffered a heart-attack and died during a match with Ox Baker in Savannah, Georgia.
  • ~~~Once again this was not truly Ox’s fault but bettered his career.
  • 1978-79: Ox Baker is involved in an angle with Harley Race, Terry Boulder (Hulk Hogan), and Ron Fuller.
  • ~~~The angle included Terry Boulder’s 1st face turn, 1st World Title shot, and first title win.
  • March 1979: Terry Boulder defeated Ox Baker for the Southeastern Heavyweight Championship in Alabama.
  • 1981: Ox Baker appeared on T.V. Gameshow “The Price Is Right”.
  • February 15, 1997: Ox Baker was inducted into the EWF Hall of Fame.
  • 2001: An Ox Baker action figure is created by Figures Toy Company for their Legends of Professional Wrestling series.
  • Ox Baker is now retired and occassionally works as a manager on the indy circuit.
  • Ox Baker now works for US Security Associates in Connecticut.
  • Ox Baker is one of Jerry Lawler’s all-time favorites according to kinglawler.com.
  • Ox Baker appeared in the Hollywood movie “Escape From New York”.
  • Ox Baker published a cook book in which each recipe is accompanied by a story about an oldtime wrestler.
  • November 5, 2005 – MWF/AWA New England: Ox Baker won the “Boston Badboy Tony Rumble Memorial” Battle Royal.
  • March 24, 2007 – United States Wrestling Federation: Ox Baker and Killer Kowalski teamed up for a Tag Team Tournament.Ox Baker helped Killer Kowalski into the ring where they got a bye because their opponants no-showed – so they advanced to the 2nd round. They met Gino Martino and Superstar Richard Byrne in the ring in the next round. Richard Byrne is an old veteran wrestler who actually was one of Killers first students (Kowalski’s gym was in his karate dojo for like 17 years before he moved it to Chaotic) and Gino who has been a close personal friend of Ox Baker for ages – got on the house mic and really put over their mentors which got a pretty good ovation as they both jumped out of the ring for a ten count to advance Ox and KILLER. Heels Tony Roy and Tre the Smooth Operating Gangsta made it to the final by cheating. After the annoucement of Ox and Killer in the final got jumped and beat up as they fought the two guys off. Tony entered the ring and took a pummeling by Ox and GOT HIT with a heart punch. OX tagged off to Killer as Tre was backing up and he turned around and got the CLAW! Tre submitted and they won-big standing ovation-there was about 250-maybe 300 there and it got a huge pop
  • November 8, 2008 – Big Time Wrestling: BTW Champion “Hurricane” John Walters (w/ Ox Baker) defeated Justin Credible.
  • September 14, 2009: Ox Baker underwent hip replacement surgery in Connecticuit.
  • April 24, 2010: Ox Baker’s wife, Peggy Ann, passed away at age of 58.
  • November 20, 2010 – All Out Mayhem: Gino Martino w/ Ox Baker defeated Adam Hastey by DQ in South Portland, Maine.
  • October 20, 2014 – Ox Baker passed away at the age of 80.