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  • Dixie Jordan is currently an authority on troubled Native American youth..
  • 2005: Dixie Jordan was the recipient of the Outstanding Advocacy Award for limitless contributions on behalf of troubled children..

    Dixie Jordan personally wrote us an email and said: After being married to Eddie Sharkey for a very long time, it seems a bit odd that he can no longer remember that I am from Maryland, not Nebraska. The last time I checked, these states were pretty far apart. I would appreciate the correction, simply because Nebraska is not my first choice of places to be from. I also am not living in Jackson Hole (I have a place there) but in Phoenix Arizona.


Moolah was my ONLY trainer, and I started wrestling in 1964, at the age of 16, and continued this until the ripe old age of 22., so it was a mere six years.. My ancestors were from the San Carlos reservation in Arizona, and the Eastern Cherokee nation in North Carolina. The only really notable rivalries I had were with Bette Boucher and Toni Rose, and a very old hand named Johnnie Mae Young – who in my estimation was the toughest woman in the business by far, and the strongest. She now lives pn Moolah’s estate in Columbia. I barely knew Kay Noble; think we wrestled about three of four times.